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      Avatar photoScott

        Well this is a prophecy as old as the bible itself– Revelation 13!   The beast coming up out of the sea of  humanity!  With Seven Heads and Ten Horns!

        Get a load of this people-you can take this to the bank  or put it in your septic tank if you think it is rank-but I think it ranks up their with the top five all time  fulfilled prophecies!

        Check this out for yourselves—The G7  or group of seven nations will gather in the host country of France  in August of 2019  and the theme is Global Governence!

        Also French President EMMANUEL ( God is with us)  Macron(Mark) will be the  host and his country is also the head of the 10 nation military arm of the european union which came into  effect this last year–  Lets see seven heads and ten horns—where else in human history have you seen this assembly take place except at this time and on Israel’s 70th birthday!

        The anti-christ is to have  the name of blasphemy on his head—  well it seems that EMMANUEL of France has a name that means God is with us— what a blasphemy to have this special name on a mortal human–( mind you that other humans have adapted this name in their families-but for the purpose of  Gods will- the individual with this name  and having world leadership it could very well be an important sign to watch for in the coming days ahead!)

        He will rules for 42 months–    just last year   Saturn who is sometimes represented as Satan in literature    has entered the constellation of the  rider on the horse with the bow and a crown  —  Saggitareus–Saturn will stay stationary in this  sign in the heavens for about that   42 months length    of time!!!   Then it moves over  into another zone in the sky to fulfill the great  final sign in Revelation 15 !!!   I can’t wait to give you all the details on this  major sign which will take place during the next Great Total Eclipse over America in 2024  at the time of the possible judgment of great Babylon in Revelation 18!!

        Doesn’t something inside of you say this has got to be  the real deal?  I think we are getting the full picture people!!  But we will not be here during all this—are van is packed and ready to leave to Rapture Islands!  If that Peace Deal is This Passover or this next Fall of 2019–the judgments will have to fall  on all those who divide the land of Israel!!


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          It sure does seem like the convergence is supernaturally palpable.  The dry bones of Ezekiel 37 are alive and back in the land.  With this “deal of the century” looming in Israel’s 70th year, it sure seems like a candidate for at least the forerunner of Daniel 9’s AC covenant.  The RFID chip or some variation on that theme seems like Revelation 13.  Smart phones seem like Revelation 11.  The geo-political alignment on Israel’s northern border is clearly Ezekiel 38.  Damascus is about to become Isaiah 17.  The crown the Jewish Rabbis are reportedly making (or perhaps have already made) for their “messiah” (aka AC) appears to be Rev. 6:2.  The Temple where the abomination of desolation will take place per Matthew 24 is clearly on the verge of being built.  The WMDs throughout the world seem to fulfill and provide the reason for Matthew 24:22.  When we fly and the Restrainer is removed, there’s no telling what the people who are left in control might do if left to their own devices.  Now you bring new and intriguing additional information that adds to that convergence with yet more puzzle pieces that seem to fit.

          I was excited back in September of 2015.  I was completely convinced we were going home in September of 2017.  Now, as we approach Purim, Passover, Unleavened Bread and the final days before Israel becomes 71 here in 2019, my excitement is gaining momentum again, although there is part of me that remains cautiously optimistic.  I hope that hesitation is not being caused by sin in my heart.  I’m just hesitant to allow my mind and heart to run free in expectation because I’m not sure how I will deal with the reality should God, in His wisdom and sovereignty, still have us here on May 15.

          One of these high-watch seasons we are going to discern accurately and “get it right”.  :flyup:Maranatha!!!


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              If we see no action in April or May  ….  we still have Pentecost (church’s birthday) on June 9th to look forward to.    ;-)

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            Humbly Irrelevant

              Scott and Watchman — it is great to congregate with you again.  It is always good to see you again, and it is always good to be seen again!

              Yes, the signs of the times have become the times of the signs.  We are almost there!

              We’ll finally see each other on the other side again.


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                Wow,  thank you for the amazing heads up sighting of ….

                “the constellation of the  rider on the horse with the bow and a crown  —  Saggitareus–Saturn will stay stationary in this  sign in the heavens for about that   42 months length    of time!!!”


                This is another BIG sign for the church to stay alert and watchful indeed!

                Thanks again for sharing your astronomy knowledge with us!

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                  My belief is right after the rapture, the 28 members EU state shall quickly disintegrate into a 10 members alliance in the midst of chaos, confusion and economic collapse. To find out who these 10 members are, we can take a look at the  Roman Empire map. These 10 members occupy where the western leg used to be. When that happens, I believe AC shall seize this kingdom by intrigue and flatteries.

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                    Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man do I appreciate all the work you did years ago… Just sayin’ B-)

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                    David W. Roche

                      French G7 Presidency Focuses on Climate Change, Human Development & Peace


                      Okay, I’m not endorsing Macron as a candidate for anything.  In spite of his name, he can’t seem to run his own country.  I doubt he’d ever be worshipped by the world.  The same could be said for the other candidates currently on the scene.


                      7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

                      8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.  Daniel 7:7-8

                      In the end, there will be ten nations ruling, as represented by the ten toes or the ten horns.  However, three of those have to uprooted before the final ten are set.  We have to account for all the details provided and not be selective.

                      All of this is intriguing to follow.  But I don’t think the final configuration is in place yet.

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                        Humblehorse!!… Good to see you back! Are you still making music videos?

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                        Avatar photoScott

                          My goodness! My eyes could almost tear up right now with seeing the old mule team  members which were on the old website when I began my cutting of teeth at Ritan preschool—is that really you  Humbly Irrelevant and the most lowly but highly integrated  Humblehorse ?  This is the Ritan Church That I never thought would ever see materialize again-at least in this live!!

                          Lets all join hands now and sing that famous  hymnal classic we learned  from   our younger days  in the Altar Band Choir  ” Smoke On The Water”   and  ”  Lucile in the sky with Desi Arnezs Diamonds”!!

                          2 Coming—  The 10 nation   military is already here there are articles on the internet that  have them listed  and the French President has called them the army of the willing–I could list them for you but I need the news sources in front of me-Just google   10 Nation EU Army of the willing !

                          Watchman35–No need to get yours  or we to get our hopes up—we have been through the high water levels enough–it is time for us to keep our emotions in check and just take every day as come what may and what the hay  and that is what the Bible say –tally-hooo and tally-hay- as we march toward that great rapture day — That’s what I say!

                          Hey David–Think about this!!  The leader who is out there as the candidate for the antichrist is not really   the antichrist yet until he receives the deadly wound to the head as described in Revelation 13–you see the devil needs a host victim so that his supernatural abilities can possess  and control which are limited by a human  ego and control freak–once the human psyche is temperially disabled by an assassins bullet—that is when the evil  power of Satan enters the human drama and thus the world leader takes on the personification of evil incarnate-but as of now  any world leader is a bafoon!

                          Humbly—Are you still writing those great  mind imagry poems  that tackle many moral dilemmas  in our culture and church  life?–You really have a way with  words and brain pictures!

                          Humblehorse!  You just keep plugging away through thick and thin–you never give up no matter how bleak things look in the human dilemma  that we all face!

                          Do you remember the video you did on the Revelation 15 sign—That my friend changed everything in my  longrange outlook!  That is only scratching the surface–you will soon see what I have discovered that just adds to your  research—the Revelation 15 sign that forms in April 2024  is not only occuring during the next great Total eclipse  over Babylon America(it will be if the Socialist take over) ;  but it is  the vision  sign the John the Revelator saw in Revelation 1—-Listen carefully everybody—Johns vision is an astronomy  event that takes place in 2024 and it is the Sign of the Son of Man!!  which comes after the tribulation period or close to the end of it  during the vials judgments in Revelation 15–  In matthew 24 there is the moon and sun darkening  in a great eclipse and then the earth  dwellers  see the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens!!!

                          Humblehorse I am working on my charts right now and will soon email them to Luis Vegas of Postscripts  and he may just do a more  professional job on them  so everyone can see what this Revelation 15 sign is all about—You actually  inspired me to pursue this  research when I saw how the planets in 2024 are in a candlestick formation and how the seven stars in Pleadies are  next to the Lamb of God Aries  constellation  where in April that year The Sun is  always brilliently shining on Aries face during Passover with its white like WOOL hair!  Just giving everyone a few clues to the mystery of this great sign  yet to come!!


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                            Well I’d never have gotten started down that line of thinking at all if it weren’t for your inspirational input back in 2013… Oh what a journey…

                            And you’ve been watching my YouTube videos in secret without letting me know you were there!!! Yeah, I think the next big eclipse over the USA is the Revelation15 sign  as absolutely every planet is on the opposite side of the Sun…

                            Can’t wait to hear what you’ve found to add to it all!!

                            And do you really supply Luis Vega with material?? B-)


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                            Avatar photoScott


                              humblehorse– I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to try and contact you and others by email but there was no email on the website that I could  use-although you did have an old email address which I did use but I did not get any reply!  Yes I have been your secret admirerer–you have such a great ministry  on the youtube with your honest and heart seeking contritness–you wear your heart on your British Invasion Coattail!

                              Yes I have been sending some of my chart material to good old Luis  and little do people know I had  my  sights on the Second Revelation 12 Red Dragon sign which no one knew that was in the sky on the same day as the Great Total Eclipse  on August 21, 2017!

                              I  would love to send those charts to anyone interested-but I need  an email address!!

                              Humblehorse and everybody  listen very carefully!  This  next Great Sign in 2024  is  a fulfillment of the description of John’s Vision in Revelaion 1!!!   I have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt–I just need a few more days to get my charts together–you will all be blown away!  It will never happen again in another many years-the alignment that is!!  I hope when I get the charts out that you my friend will do your own video and see what you come up with but as far as I know nobody has   seen this Revelation 15 sign as the fulfillment of John’s Vision in Revelation 1–But  they have some of the parts in the right place -they only need to get the full picture!!



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                                Oooh! I had the Dragon  sign on Nov 21st 2017 or Dec 17th – 18th 2017 as on both those days there were 5 celestial bodies that joined the tail of Serpens…  7 stars in the head of Serpens, 10 stars in Coronna Borrealis, and 10 in the tail… Surely the sign of the dragon couldn’t come before the woman could it??

                                What did you see on 21st August??


                                NB: I got burgled, and my old email address went with my  computer that they stole….

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                                Avatar photoScott

                                  Humblehorse–I had Luis Vegas  make charts for me of the new Red Dragon sign that was in the sky on the great eclipse day– the planet positions helped form a few of the crown stars in  the sickle of Leo!!

                                  You know how all authority comes from the Lion of Judah even earthly and heavenly authority-well  the Hydra Serpent Head  constellation on that day  as always  was  under the foot of the Lion of Judah but on that total eclipse day the Sun was darkened out  and the Star regulus was visible along with the 6 other  stars in the sickle crown plus the  red Mars planet with a total of seven crowned stars; then the  main head and the neck of the Hydra constellation has seven stars for the crown above it in Leo; then as you move down along the body it has 10 main stars for the rest of its length;  It is a part of the Serpent sign of the Red Dragon– I will email to Ritan  the three charts that I have  on this and other  alignments on that day–I know this sign was in the sky before the woman sign on September 23, 2017— But I do think that it is possible that the two signs together were listed in the scripture –not in chronological  order but in order of  importance since both were in such close proximity.

                                  To tell you the truth Humlehorse there were like several good  candidates out there for this Red Dragon sign that I think they all qualify as  intrical parts of the same sign just different aspects of this Revelation 12  second sign–But I think your research and video is the best candidate and also this other  event on September and October 2018 of the tail of the comet 21P I think? That went past the earth which was the source of the draconid meteor shower -from the Draco constellation-I have a new chart  on this event and the  various aspects of this sign in the heavens–we can’t forget the Red dragon  anonoly that was at the feet of Virgo in infrared which Luis had done much research on –it was directly in the  position as Jupiter the manchild  was birthed between the legs of Virgo in the fall of 2017—I  thought it was a spectacular  sign when the planet Jupiter and Venus came into conjunction in November 2017  as this was  very fitting for the Manchild to come out of the womb  and be joined with the head of the morning star Venus -as to typlify the completion of the body of Christ with  its Head being Christ in Heaven!!

                                  Now we are in the stage where the Manchild is in the ascending mode  in the heavens  and is going into retrograde after a second  union with Venus earlier this year!! Is it time for the Manchild soon to be caught up into the  throng of Heaven– maybe someone can do some stellarium research and see if Jupiter  is headed backwards  away from being devoured by the beast Sagitarrius with Satan or Saturn in that constellation— in literature or greek mythology   Jupiter excaped the devouring of  Saturn after being born!!

                                  Humblehorse  if you have an email address I would be glad to send you my  new  crude charts and my older  charts on the Dragon sign which Luis Vegas did for me–

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                                    It’s Nisan 10!!!! A lot of changes happen on Nisan 10!!!!


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                                    Avatar photoScott

                                      Thanks Humblehorse–now I feel connected!!!  God I love you people—I seem to feel like all this stuff happening to me up to now  has started to  make a sharp turn toward the finnishing up phase of our existance — this past year and the start of this year 2019 was the worst  times in my christian  life-it seemed– March was beginning to be  the bottom of the barrel– then Ritan came along and other things started to click  with the sign coming together—now it appears that we may be witnessing the final act of this tragic play on earth –I sure pray for the curtain to fall soon and  that we exit stage right— I really like your british accent  Humblehorse-its like  talking to a live Beatle member!! But not like now–can you type in British?  How do the British type— is it with a bunch of hyphons or semicolons–

                                      I guess if someone has an operation on their intestine to remove a section- they end up with a SEMI-COLON!!  — How bout the song by the Culture Club–Comma, Comma, Comma calmelian! Hee hee! I won’t make a pun  about the Period–I won’t go there!  I am a gentleman and discrete-but a little twisted!

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                                        Humblehorse, it is great to have you back.

                                        I won’t repeat what I posted on another thread but here is a summary: when I heard about the solar eclipse happening 7 years apart and marking an X over the US. I knew it meant judgment. I did research on mystery Babylon and am convinced it is the US. Rev 17/18 happens mid tribulation so I think Aug 2024 is roughly mid tribulation.

                                        too many things are converging.

                                        Amir Tsarfati is coming to Toronto in May and he said that he has some mind blowing information for us. ( I think these were his words)


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                                          I just had to comment after reading this thread cuz it gave me the rapture goosebumps!!!  Plus, it’s soooooo awesome seeing the old crew of Ritan back and discussing prophetic events and timing!!!

                                          I am personally keeping my rapture radar up closer to Pentecost as well as Resurrection day this Spring! Has always been one of several periods that point to our King’s Return!



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                                          Avatar photoScott

                                            Cherished I think this is why we were all brought back together again –now there will be no vacancies at the  suppler of the Lamb  once all the  raptured folks get situated around the ballroom   table!   Now the gold  placards can be printed with each of the members names on them!!!  Roll Call!!

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                                              Don’t forget me guys!  My ticket is bought and paid for, just waiting for boarding instructions.  I am also excited to see RITAN revived.  All the old faces, and the beautiful fresh ones as well!  For when we gather on the other side, their will be an air of familiarity that will follow after each of us.

                                              Rita was truly the vehicle that started us gathering into this same tent, but by God’s grace we have been allowed to know and love one another.  It is said that we are truly precious in His sight, but I guess I  am looking through the eyes of God when I see you all!  You are all precious and dear.l

                                              Who da thunk it!!


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                                              Avatar photoScott


                                                tender Reed  do you think the Lord will have a place setting at the banquet table for my  imaginary buddy Scarby–  I know he’s not real but he sure likes to eat me out of house and home— how is that food disappearing that I put down on the floor-It show ain’t  mice or bigger rodents!  I know are real animals and pets will be in heaven  because they have a soul that cannot be destroyed–we have a spirit and a soul and soon we will have a glorified body– I can’t wait to see all the pets that I have had in my household over the many years that I lived on the earth–I even forgot some of their names- my little mansion will have to have some more add on rooms to contain– but  not so maybe-because space and time have no limit –you can walk forever in one area and still not come to the end of the  enclosure!!

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