Rapture in 7 months on Ascension Day May 13, 2021?

Forums Speculation on Timing of the Rapture or Tribulation Rapture in 7 months on Ascension Day May 13, 2021?


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      Watchful for Beloved Favor

        I believe we may have a convergence here:

        1: May 13 2021 is the last day of the 73rd year of the modern state of Israel founded on May 14 1948, and is the last possible day that the rapture can occur before the 7 year tribulation starts, with the Fig Tree Generation ending at 80 years on May 13 2028, as per Psalm 90:10.

        2. It’s the 2000th anniversary of Jesus’ own rapture, according to the revised calendar of Ron Conte Jr.

        Let me know what you think.

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          This is very intriguing because Ascension Day (Acts 1:11) is certainly a high watch day to be on alert.  Plus you mentioned its the 2,000 anniversary?!!  Nice! :good:

          I’m still hoping for a 2020 rapture though – got my eyes on Halloween or Nov 1st (All Saints Day) and waiting for “the many” to also get on board for the Abrahamic Accords. Rumors are  they might before Nov. Election Day … so if we hear peace and security … I hope to be flying up up and away   :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:

          But … if we are still here ringing in 2021 … I will certainly have my eyes on May 13th! :mail:

          Plus we have the President of Israel (Reuven Rivlin) will be stepping down after 7 yrs … last day is July 24th … and if Rabbi Yehudah Glick wins the position … he is very vocal for having the 3rd temple built ASAP.

          So the Church Age doors are closing soon! :popcorn


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            I emailed this to a cyber friend and his response was …

            Christ’s age at His ascension was 33. Using 360 days per Jewish year, that is almost 28 years difference from our 365 day year. 2000 + 33 is 2033 (minus 28) is 2005. What am I missing?

            Applying the same calendar conversion, our the span from 70 to 80 Jewish generation years is only 9.8 of our calendar years. So 2028 is close enough. Less 7 years is 2021, so projecting the Rapture then is a reasonable guess.

            – Fair Use –


            Would be interesting in knowing Ron Conte, Jr.’s method of calculation ;-)  Well … as long as its in layman’s terms B-)

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            Watchful for Beloved Favor

              Here’s a blog post I wrote linking to Ron’s website which is now offline but there are archived links there.



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              Watchful for Beloved Favor

                I just wrote a whole new blog post on this topic if anyone wants to check it out:


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