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        I am a RN, I had transferred to ER last year after working on a cardiac unit for 8 years. Last November a patient fell and it took 5 of us to pick him up off the floor and get him onto a gurney, which also injured my back. Its been almost 1 year since I have worked and have been fearful about going back. I saw a post yesterday on the State department job page for RN to deploy to Afganistan, Iraq and Pakistan and I got excited! Lately my prayers have been, Not my will but Yours, here am I, send me. If this is God’s will I know He will make a way. I ask for prayer for strength to go where God directs me. Sorry for such a long background, thank you brothers and sisters. :heart:

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          Good news in Proverbs 16:9, Amy. “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  Applies to “woman” and “her” too.  :yes: :-) :good:

          Praying for your back and for clarity…  And of course for soon Rapture so maybe you could see Afganistan, Iraq and Pakistan from the air — and not need to wear a scarf out in public…

          Excitement whichever way it goes, right? :yes: :-) :good:

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