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        I have two things I’d like to bring up here. One is a reminder (because I’m getting tired of editing these) and the other isn’t in the rules but should be.

        Rule number 9 –  Please do not write in all capitals. It is difficult to read and gives other members the impression that you are yelling at them.
        If you want to make a word or two or three stand out, please use the Bold option.

        As I said in the beginning of this post, the other isn’t in the rules but should be. This makes it possible to find your thread in a search. At the bottom of the posting area, under the emojis, is a field titled Topic Tag. Ideally, you want three words or short phrases, separated by commas, that gives an idea as to what the post is about, ie; You are posting a thread about a Springtime rapture in 2021. In the Topic Tag type Springtime, rapture, 2021. Something along those lines. Sometimes it’s just not possible to come up with three separate words or phrases but do the best that you can.

        Thank you! That’s it for housekeeping.

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          ooops…just got thru using CAPS…sorry!  :-)

          also, i appreciate y’alls work on here…it’s an uplifting atmosphere that also allows expressive freedom…i think God is probably pleased with our gathering here

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            No worries, and thank you for the kind comments!

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