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        Back in 2010, I had a dream. It was a summer like setting. I went to a theater with my mother. When I got inside, I immediately went to the back stage, and put on a new pair of red shoe. Then I went to the side of the stage. There was a clock beside me. I looked at the time, it was pointing at 12:30 am. Then I heard “tick tock, tick tock”.

        A person wearing red cloth came on the stage, and was doing tap dancing. After he’s done, there came another person wearing red cloth, doing tap dancing again. After they finished, all of sudden I saw many people, kindred, multitudes, appeared on the stage, and they were singing a song together. At that moment, I knew the show is finished. It’s time to go home. In that moment, I was quite confident that the time should be 12:30 am. But when I turned around, and looked at the clock, it was pointing at 12:40 am.

        In 2 Peter 3:8, we know that a thousand years is like a day to the LORD. A thousand years consists of 365240 days ( 1000 X 365.24 days ). A day consists of 1440 minutes ( 24 X 60 minutes ). There was 10 minutes elapsed ( 12:30 am to 12:40 am ) when I was watching the whole show on the stage. To convert the 10 minutes into days, we have the following calculation.

        1 days : 1000 years = 10 minutes : X days

        X = 1000 years ( 365240 days ) X 10 minutes / 1 day or 1440 minutes = 2536 days

        Basically, the 10 minutes represents 2520 days or the 7 years tribulation.

        Here’s my explanation of my dream. Me and my mother shall be raptured at 12:30 am during a summer like weather. I got my reward by putting on a new pair of shoes. Then I was holding my breadth, sitting on heaven’s balcony, watching the tribulation events, represented by the two persons wearing in red, doing tap dancing. They could be the Anti Christ, appearing in the first half and second half of tribulation. Or they could be the Anti Christ and the false prophet together. At the end of 7 years tribulation, I saw multitudes, kindred, and different nations, singing a song together. They represent the raptured saints in heaven, giving glory to God and the Son, preparing to return to earth. And the time they returned to earth should be 12:40 am. And between 12:30 am when the tribulation starts, to 12:40 am the end of tribulation, these 10 minutes represent the 2520 days, the length of 7 years tribulation.

        Concerning 12:30 am and 12:40 am, will they point to my local Vancouver Pacific time, or based on Jerusalem time, my answer is they are based on Jerusalem time. In Matthew 25, Jesus has spoken of a midnight cry, the five wise virgins went to meet the Bridegroom. That midnight cry resonates the 12:30 am I saw in the clock.

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