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        This is so cool how he brought the Gospel to the masses on America’s Got Talent!

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          LOVE that!! So true between the white and black churches which was hilarious!! And how clever that he preached the word in it – I think even the Lord was laughing there! :mdrmdr:



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            That was awesome for sure and he is right..

            One time my husband was asked to preach for a military church that had three services. The first one he was told was ultra conservative, the second was a more contemporary service, and the third was very charismatic.

            So he did and he stated that by the time he got to the third service, the folks were clapping and shouting PTL and he was having a good time. Our daughter, who accompanied him (I had to work), said that she saw a side of her dad that she had not known existed, he rolled with the third service (it was primarily a black service) so he calls himself a bapticostal :mdrmdr: :mdrmdr: :mdrmdr:

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              Hahaha very good! :mdrmdr: With humor he planted seeds! God bless him!

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