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        Carry on!

        Previous thread here.

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        Patricia N.

          Amir Tsarfati:

          Be sure that Arab leaders are not as enthusiastic about a Palestinian state solution as the US administration is. Why? They have their past to lean on –

          In the early 1950s, the Palestinian leadership collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorizing Egypt, their host country.

          In the mid-1960s, the Palestinian leadership terrorized Syria, their host country.

          In 1968-70, the Palestinian leadership triggered a civil war in Jordan, attempting to topple their host Hashemite regime.

          In 1970-82, the Palestinian leadership instigated a series of civil wars in Lebanon, aiming to take over their host country.

          In 1990, the Palestinian leadership collaborated with Saddam Hussein’s invasion and plunder of Kuwait, which was for decades the most generous Arab host of 400,000 Palestinians.
          Over 100K are at the Pro-Israel rally in Washington DC!

          Recent Situational Reports exchanged between the U.S. and Israel, obtained by our team, have provided unprecedented insights into the tunnel system beneath Gaza.

          The IDF estimates there are 1,300 tunnels spanning 500 km beneath Gaza. The tunnel system has multiple levels.

          Level One: Entry and launch locations inside buildings for personnel and rocket launches.
          Level Two: Reinforced passageways for rocket transport and maneuvering.
          Level Three: Houses the Oxygen Generation and Air Movement system generator.
          Level Four: Meeting and sleeping rooms for Hamas fighters.
          Level Five: Main Gaza Metro connecting city blocks/sections.
          Level Six: Storage for weapons, ammunition, and fuel, with doors always closed for safety.
          Level Seven: Additional storage and sleeping rooms.
          Level Eight: Command and Control Center for Hamas, connected via a hard landline, with a quick escape tunnel to the Gaza Metro for senior leaders’ evacuation.

          This tunnel system allows for quick movements, such as hiding after launching a rocket.

          The size of the network indicates many years of building at an extremely high cost.
          Al-Jazeera, a favorite TV channel among Hamas terrorists, interviewed a Palestinian in the Gaza hospital. He questioned, “Why is the resistance (Hamas) hiding among us? Why don’t they go to hell and hide there?” The journalist abruptly cut him off.
          It appears that Israel is ready to take over A Shifa hospital, following the White House statement that the “hospital” according to US intelligence is a cover for Hamas underground headquarters.
          Washington DC: Jew-hating bus drivers at Dulles left 900 Jews stranded at Dulles Airport, refusing to transport them from their planes to the terminal.
          Operational Update:
          IDF forces are carrying out a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the Shifa Hospital, based on intelligence information and an operational necessity.

          The IDF is conducting a ground operation in Gaza to defeat Hamas and rescue our hostages. Israel is at war with Hamas, not with the civilians in Gaza.

          The IDF forces include medical teams and Arabic speakers, who have undergone specified training to prepare for this complex and sensitive environment, with the intent that no harm is caused to the civilians being used by Hamas as human shields.

          In recent weeks, the IDF has publicly warned time and again that Hamas’ continued military use of the Shifa hospital jeopardizes its protected status under international law, and enabled ample time to stop this unlawful abuse of the hospital. Yesterday, the IDF conveyed to the relevant authorities in Gaza once again that all military activities within the hospital must cease within 12 hours. Unfortunately, they did not.

          The IDF has also facilitated wide-scale evacuations of the hospital and maintained regular dialogue with hospital authorities.

          We call upon all Hamas terrorists present in the hospital to surrender.

          The IDF is also reportedly trying to get access to the Hamas complex below the hospital.

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            Be sure that Arab leaders are not as enthusiastic about a Palestinian state solution as the US administration is. Why? They have their past to lean on –

            That’s very true!

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            Patricia N.

              Amir Tsarfati:

              Yesterday there was the largest pro-Israel rally in the history of America.

              No slurs
              No violence
              No death chants
              No vandalism
              No curses

              This march tells a lot about who wants peace and who wants chaos.
              For the first time: the IDF calls on the residents of some neighborhoods in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip to evacuate their homes.  In leaflets distributed by the Air Force, the IDF calls on the residents of the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis: “For your safety, you must evacuate your place of residence immediately and evacuate to one of the known shelters.”
              The IDF stated in a proclamation: “Hamas’ actions force the IDF to act against it in the area where you live.” This is a dramatic move that indicates the expected expansion of the IDF’s operation.

              Hamas uniforms were discarded at the hospital before the escape.  Advanced technological equipment was located.  Weapons were found.
              Guess what ?  A few weeks ago the Scottish first minister, Humza Haroon Yousaf, a son of a Pakistani Muslim family, showed empathy for the situation in Gaza, (I can’t remember his empathy to the victims of the October 7th massacre) and expressed his will to get Gazan refugees.
              Israel decided to call his bluff and contacted the Scottish government with the intention to send Gazans that want to move.
              Guess why? The Scottish government suddenly wasn’t happy about it. The usual hypocrisy!


              – The network is estimated to run to a total of 300 miles and is so extensive it has been described as a ‘metro system’ that is bigger than the London Underground.
              – 85-year-old Israeli hostage Yocheved Lifshitz, released last month, said it ‘looked like a spider’s web.’
              – For years, thousands of people in Gaza have found work in them, and tens of thousands more, from drivers to shopkeepers, have benefited from the work they provided.
              – The tunnels range from narrow corridors of 6ft by 3ft to vast passageways that can take cars and even trucks.
              – They are swaddled in concrete and well-lit; they contain command centres, ammunition depots and arms factories.
              – They are used to launch attacks on Israel and also to smuggle in everything from vehicles to long-range weaponry.

              “The biggest threat is to the Gazan population because all of these tunnel systems are covered by civilians. They are literally human shields.” – Israeli Minister

              “The Hamas terror machine is a network of tunnels under Gaza, primarily in urban areas. It is totally formidable. You cannot destroy Hamas’s military machine without dealing with its subterranean terror network. That is why we sent our ground forces in.” – Senior Israeli Official

              “They have turned huge swathes of the Strip into legitimate military targets. These sons of b****** have intentionally put their tunnels under houses, mosques and hospitals to maximise civilian casualties. It’s not just cynical, it’s pure evil.” – Former Israeli Defense Official


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              Patricia N.

                Amir Tsarfati’s e-mail newsletter snippets:

                Shalom from Israel, a land where God’s hand continues to move in marvelous ways! It has certainly been a dark time in my country, likely the darkest since its inception in 1948. I, and most of my fellow citizens, have been deeply immersed in all the reports of the horrors that took place on October 7, 2023, and in the ensuing chaos. When there is so much bad news, it is easy to lose the truth that there is good news, also.

                The mindset of Hamas going into this attack was that once Hezbollah, Iran, Yemen, and all the other radical Islamist states and organizations saw their great success they’d want in on the action. If for some reason they didn’t, then no problem. Hamas still had its human shields in place in Gaza. They would just retreat like they did after every attack. Israel would lob a few bombs in, then they’d stop. Europe, the U.S., and the rest of the Middle East wouldn’t let Israel do anymore. Besides, Israel was so fractured internally at the time, how could they possibly respond?

                But Hamas overplayed its hand.  Hamas trusted in their allies, they trusted in their tunnels, they trusted in their human shields. God proved He is greater than all those factors.

                Israel was warned, “If you attack Gaza, you will have thousands of dead soldiers.” So far, we have about 40, and our country mourns every one of them. But despite our losses, our nation is determined to press on. Yesterday, I read a letter from the father of fallen soldier Gilad Nehemiah to our government and military leaders. The grieving man wrote, “When you started this war, you said that ‘there will be prices to be paid’, and indeed we paid. We, and many other good families, paid with the blood of our best sons. I call and demand of you, do not stop.

                Now the tunnels are exposed, and there are a mass of people who are without homes because of their own leadership. Never before has Hamas been hated so much by their own people, because many of them recognize their situation.

                There was a plan devised in Tehran for Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian proxy militias like the Houthis of Yemen to carry out a coordinated attack on Israel. Wanting the glory for themselves, Hamas ignored the others and launched the attack on their own. Their thinking was that everyone else would jump in when they saw their success. . . . The great plot by Iran’s axis of evil was thwarted by Hamas’s arrogance and impatience. One more evidence of the hand of God.

                Israel’s intention is to remain in Gaza.
                Hamas didn’t consider that. They never thought that Israel would say, “We let you have that land, and look how you repaid us. It’s time we took it back.” This will be the first time in the era of the modern state of Israel that we’ve annexed land back to ourselves. Hamas intended to weaken us. Instead, they are responsible for our strengthening and our expansion. This is a huge morale killer for Hamas.

                This is not the Ezekiel 38 War. The United States is standing with us, which will not be true in that future war. When today’s war is over, we will not need fences because Hamas will be eliminated. We will know who our enemies are, and we will also see the rapid increase of our friends. There will also be a growing number of Jews returning to their homeland. As they see the increasing antisemitism in Europe and America, many Jews will realize that Israel is their only safe option. It will be like a second exodus. People will leave the nations they’ve been exiled to for generations and will return home to their Promised Land.

                Our greatest prayer is that through all this, many will come to Christ.

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                  Very encouraging even within the horrors war for of God’s chosen people’s tragedy.

                  Israeli soldier shouts out his faith in Yeshua! | Israel at War – YouTube

                  Pray for our Israeli friends. :prayer-hands:



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                    I did not see this until late last night, sent to my inbox from friends who have traveled in Israel. I didn’t see any news report on it yesterday? Have asked the sender if they have any more news on this:

                    From: Leonor B.
                    Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2023 at 12:57
                    Subject: [Beit HaDerekh] Please pray right now 🙏
                    To: <>

                    Rabbi Shapira sent this on messenger right now, please pray Psalms 37, 120, 121, 124, ק140, 144, 150, he received this message sent out by leading rabbi in Israel:

                    Urgent 🚨🚨*urgent urgent urgent*🚨🚨 A message from a soldier serving in the Givati Brigade that there is a massive hostage rescue operation happening right now and begging us to pray. Everyone should say psalms now The tzaddik R. Dov Kook of Israel asks if everyone can please stop what they are doing now and say the following chapters, there is a serious situation right now, they have found hostages and are fighting neck to neck please read Psalms , Kamd, Ken * 🙏🏼 They said they located the hostages, but there is fierce fighting. They said to say our father our kings now if you have access to any other chat please let them know that we are all being asked to pray hard and say as many psalms as possible to (soldiers) now. It’s intense and scary and they need our prayers to protect them. *spread the word* 📣📣



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                    Patricia N.

                      Amir Tsarfati’s Middle East Update (starts at about the 5-minute mark):

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                        Just finished watching this one online – a great update with photos of the IDF findings!



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                        Patricia N.

                          Israel moves Dead Sea Scrolls to bunkers:

                          The Israeli government has moved many artifacts and museum pieces to bunkers. This is the first time this protocol has been initiated since the 1991 Gulf War.

                          “Even if there’s a very small possibility [of damage], we don’t play around — we don’t take chances,” said Doron Lurie, senior curator and chief conservator at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.  “We’ve guarded them like our own kids,” he said of the priceless works.

                          The Tel Aviv Museum also has stored away works by famed modern artist Rothko, such as his “Number 24,” as well as the renowned “Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer,” a 1916 masterpiece painted by Gustav Klimt just two years before his death.

                          The museum is also storing works by Georg Kolbe, Leonora Carrington as well as other important artists.

                          Hagit Maoz, curator of the Shrine of the Book at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, said at least eight display cases there are empty after pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls were removed for safekeeping.

                          “To take off an exhibition is something that usually is not done because we trust the building, we trust the safety of the showcases. But this is a different situation, so we have to act accordingly,” Maoz said.

                          “These works of art have experienced war, some of them survived World War II,” said museum director Tania Coen-Uzzielli. “We are custodians for a short time, and we need to protect them, to protect them for posterity and for history.”

                          Nurith Goshen, the curator of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age archaeology, said her museum also enacted the war protocol and created a list of what should go in its bunker.


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                            An interesting situation is brewing …

                            France issues arrest warrants for Syria’s President Assad, his brother Maher al- Assad and military generals Ghassan Abbas and Bassam al-Hassan with war crimes against humanity, including chemical attack on 2013 in Damascus suburb.



                            Why did they wait until now?  The timing is intriguing to seek justice … if they are rounded up and removed from power … won’t this put Damascus Syria in the hands of Iran/Russia/Turkey, etc. for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 ?

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                              Per Chad  he thinks this  prophecy fulfillment is going to be happening very soon

                              Highlights start at 37 second marker – 6:47


                              Major Increase In Activity!!! Keep Your Eyes On DAMASCUS Folks!!!


                              – Fair Use –

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                              Patricia N.

                                Amir Tsarfati:

                                Al-Saudi Arabia Network: News that the Houthis have taken over the Israeli -owned ship “Galaxy Leader”, with 22 crew members on board. The ship was carrying a flag of the Bahamas.
                                The ship belongs to the Israeli business mogul Rami Unger. There were no Israelis on board.

                                IDF spokesperson:  The hijacking of the cargo ship by the Houthis near Yemen in the southern Red Sea is a very serious event on a global level. This is a ship that left Turkey on its way to India with an international civilian crew, without Israelis.  This is not an Israeli ship.

                                Prime Minister’s Office:  We strongly condemn the Iranian attack against an international ship.  The ship, owned by a British company and operated by a Japanese company, was hijacked on Iranian whim by the Houthi militia in Yemen.  On board the ship are 25 crew members of different nationalities, including: Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos and Mexicans.  No Israelis were present on the ship.

                                This is another act of Iranian terrorism which expresses a leap forward in Iran’s aggression against the citizens of the free world, and creates international implications regarding the security of global shipping lanes.
                                The sad documents revealed this evening from the Shifa cameras: October 7, abductees are forcibly taken to the Shifa (death) hospital, probably into the tunnels. In the hospital complex you can see military vehicles, which were looted in the massacre. We provide medical treatment to Palestinians, and there they are murdered. This whole hospital should be destroyed.
                                The second phase of the ground operation has begun: the Chief of Staff held a situation assessment and approved plans for the continuation of ground maneuvering towards the southern part of the Gaza Strip.
                                Arab reports of a ceasefire tomorrow at 11:00AM.  This might be an attempt of Hamas to put pressure on Israel.
                                A senior political Israeli official denies – there is no conclusion for a truce tomorrow.

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                                Patricia N.

                                  Israeli Government Approves Deal: 4-Day Pause for 50 Hostages:

                                  The Israeli government approved a deal Tuesday night that will see the Palestinian Hamas terror group release at least 50 female, child, and elderly hostages over four days, in return for a pause in the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

                                  In return, Israel will release a greater number of convicted Palestinians — though none who have been convicted of murder. Israel will resume the fight as soon as the hostages are delivered and the four-day period is over, as it works to destroy Hamas.

                                  The Times of Israel reported:  Hamas has said it has 210 of the about 240 hostages taken from Israel during the October 7 atrocities. Islamic Jihad is said to be holding the remaining hostages.

                                  According to the developing deal, Hamas will release at least 50 Israeli hostages, mainly women and children, in exchange for a ceasefire of four days, the release of between 150 and 300 Palestinian prisoners, and the entry of fuel and other goods into Gaza.

                                  Some 12-13 hostages will be released per day as the ceasefire takes effect, the source says, adding that Israel will release women and minor prisoners, with each returning to the city or town where he lived prior to imprisonment, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


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                                  Patricia N.

                                    Other news sources are saying the deal is not done yet, although it seems to be very close.

                                    There are also more conditions, one being that Hamas wants Israel to stop drone flights over Gaza for 6 hours a day.

                                    I just saw an Israeli spokesperson on TV who said they are assuming that released hostages would be alive, but knowing Hamas, he said they might not be.

                                    And, it has been reported that Hamas has never held to any cease-fire in the past.

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                                    Patricia N.

                                      Amir Tsarfati:

                                      WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE DEAL:

                                      1. 50 living Israelis will be released in beats of 12-13 each day during the 4 days of respite. It is possible that more nationalities will be released, but they will not be at the expense of the quota of 50 Israelis.

                                      2. During the ceasefire, Hamas will try to locate more abductees, estimating that it can locate up to 80 women and children.

                                      3. An additional day of respite will be given for every additional ten that are released.

                                      4. Kidnappers not in Hamas’s hands will also be released, Hamas is responsible for bringing them.

                                      5. Murderers will not be released from Israeli prison.

                                      6. The population of Gaza will not be allowed to return to the north of the Gaza Strip.

                                      7. Fuel will enter the Gaza Strip, but only on the days of the ceasefire.

                                      8. Fighting will resume immediately upon the end of the truce.

                                      9. Collecting intelligence from the air will be suspended for 6 hours each day.

                                      10. All the security branches – the IDF, Shin Bet, and Mossad – supported the deal. The War Cabinet unanimously supports it.

                                      11. Israel insisted for two weeks not to accept the original proposal of Hamas.

                                      12. After the deal is approved by the government, 24 hours will be given to petitions against it, after which it will be launched.
                                      The White House: Wagner Force is preparing to provide air defense to “Hezbollah or Iran.”

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                                      Patricia N.

                                        Q & A with Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner:

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                                        Patricia N.

                                          1 million new olim expected amid rising antisemitism:

                                          The number of Jews exploring the option of making aliyah to Israel increased by 81% in North America and 149% in France.

                                          The chairman of the Jewish Agency, Major General Doron Almog told N12 on Tuesday that he expects to see one million new olim as a direct result of the dramatic rise of antisemitism.

                                          Almog, who lost family on October 7th to the Hamas massacre on Kfar Aza, said, “Over the next few years, we anticipate a million new immigrants due to the increasing antisemitism in Jewish communities around the world.”

                                          In the 48 hours after the October 7th massacre, antisemitic posts increased on dark web channels by 500% according to The New York Times.

                                          The ensuing war between Israel and Hamas has led to an escalation of antisemitic hate speech and violent incidents, which have seen a 400% increase year over year according to the ADL.

                                          With the increase in antisemitic incidents, the number of Jews exploring the option of making aliyah to Israel increased by 81% in North America and 149% in France as of late October, according to Aliyah and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer.

                                          Sofer described global antisemitism as a “global emergency” and according to an agency statement, “The minister has been actively engaged in emergency discussions with key security and international agencies.”

                                          France in particular has seen a huge rise in antisemitic harassment and violence, surpassing record numbers in 2002.

                                          1 million new olim expected amid rising antisemitism

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                                          Patricia N.

                                            Amir Tsarfati:

                                            BREAKING NEWS:
                                            As expected from Arab terrorists in the Middle East, Hamas suddenly toughened its positions and the way things are right now – no exchange of hostages with prisoners will be before Friday.
                                            This is important as it gives Israel more time to finish the job of destroying Hamas in northern Gaza.
                                            Swiss government plans to ban Hamas.  Another step that shows where Europe is going in light of the wild Jihadi protests in the streets of European capitals. The governments are terrified and the majority of the people demand steps to be taken!

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                                            Patricia N.

                                              TRAGIC NEWS: Israel Informed by Qatar that Hamas Has Not Yet Signed Ceasefire Agreement and Has Moved First Release of Hostages to Friday Morning:

                                              Israel was informed on Wednesday that, according to intermediary Qatar, Hamas has yet to sign the hostage release deal.

                                              Israel will reportedly continue its attacks on Hamas tomorrow.

                                              TRAGIC NEWS: Israel Informed by Qatar that Hamas Has Not Yet Signed Ceasefire Agreement and Has Moved First Release of Hostages to Friday Morning

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                                                This IDF soldier was carrying a book of psalms in his pocket.

                                                That little book saved his life when he was shot – the bullet stayed lodged in the book.

                                                – Fair Use –

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                                                Patricia N.

                                                  In my personal Bible reading, I am now going through the Psalms.  I feel that very many of them could relate to this war.

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                                                  Patricia N.

                                                    First Israeli Hostages Return; 10 Thai, 1 Filipino Freed; 39 Palestinian Convicts Released:

                                                    Thirteen Israeli women and children taken hostage by Hamas on October 7 are crossing back into Israel after a transition through Egypt via the Red Cross on Friday evening local time. 12 Thai hostages and one Filipino hostage have also been freed.

                                                    In return, Israel has released 39 Palestinian terror convicts, all women or teenagers. It has also allowed additional fuel trucks and other supplies into Gaza, after a four-day pause in fighting took effect earlier on Friday, under the terms of the agreement.

                                                    Over 200 hostages remain in custody in Gaza.

                                                    At least 50 Israeli hostages are set to be released over the four-day pause, and a total of 150 Palestinian convicts. Hamas will be allowed to extend the pause in fighting as long as it hands over an additional 10 hostages per day, up to ten days total. Israel would then release an additional 150 Palestinian prisoners.

                                                    There are a number of potential complications in the deal. Israel reportedly agreed to stop surveillance of Gaza during the four-day pause, which will allow Hamas to move hostages without their locations being traced — and would also allow Hamas to rearm in anticipation of more fighting. Meanwhile, some Palestinian civilians who moved south during the fighting are attempting to return to the northern Gaza Strip, which is still a war zone. Hezbollah, in Lebanon, has also stopped firing at Israel, though it is not a party to the agreement with Hamas on the hostages.

                                                    The first stop for the hostages will be a military base in Israel, where they will receive medical examinations and attention. The families of the hostages are waiting there, as are stuffed animals and toys for the children who are going to be released.

                                                    Soldiers escorting the hostages have been instructed not to answer questions directly about the children’s parents, because many of them were killed by Hamas. Few of the hostages are presumed to know the full extent of what happened in the last several weeks.

                                                    Israel has vowed to continue the fighting to destroy Hamas, which many Israelis believe can no longer be allowed to exist after the October 7 terror attack. Global pressure, however, is building on Israel to extend the pause into a permanent ceasefire.

                                                    Update: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement officially welcoming the return of the hostages, noting that it remains one of the main goals of the war, and said that the Israeli government would continue to pursue all the hostages’ release.


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                                                      I made a mistake, here is the link

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                                                        Thank you for this Heidi… :rose:


                                                      • #119841

                                                          You’re welcome, Kolleen. It’s so touching and beautiful. I love that they are singing in both Arabic and Hebrew (and English). It’s touching to see the photos of the hostages, makes a person feel more connected and pray more for them.

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                                                          Patricia N.

                                                            Breaking: Hamas Transfers Second Set of Hostages via Egypt Including 13 Israeli and 4 Thai Hostages:

                                                            According to the IDF 13 Israeli and 4 Thai hostages were released. It looks like 9 children, including one boy, and 4 women were released by Hamas this morning.

                                                            This was after Hamas delayed their release earlier Saturday.

                                                            Breaking: Hamas Transfers Second Set of Hostages via Egypt Including 13 Israeli and 4 Thai Hostages

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                                                            Patricia N.

                                                              Amir Tsarfati:

                                                              Tonight, 17 hostages were released from captivity in Gaza:
                                                              14 Israelis: including 9 children and 4 women, an Israeli citizen with Russian citizenship, and 3 Thai nationals.
                                                              US President Joe Biden:
                                                              I will talk to Netanyahu, Sisi, and the Emir of Qatar to see if the humanitarian truce can be extended beyond tomorrow to release more hostages.
                                                              The enormous American pressure is working: Israel apparently agrees to extend the ceasefire up to ten days, when ten hostages will be released each day.
                                                              An 84-year-old Israeli abductee, Alma Avraham, was airlifted in serious condition to a hospital in central Israel right after her release.
                                                              Alma Avraham, the 84-year-old released abductee, is in a life-threatening condition at the moment. She is treated at the Soroka Medical Center. The Hamas scumbags denied important medication from her for nearly 50 days! They needed her as a bargaining chip, that’s all!
                                                              I won’t post snippets, but if you are interested, graphic photos and videos of the massacre are here:

                                                            • #119891
                                                              Patricia N.

                                                                White House Confirms: Israel Agrees to Extend ‘Pause’ for 2 Days, 20 Hostages:

                                                                The White House confirmed Monday that Israel had agreed to extend the four-day “pause” in fighting in Gaza for two days in exchange for a Hamas promise to release 20 additional Israeli hostages over that period.

                                                                . . . . John Kirby confirmed to reporters that such an agreement had been reached — and also that Israel would return to fighting once the “pause” had ended. Israeli forces remain in their positions in the northern Gaza Strip.

                                                                Israel is currently waiting for the final group of 11 hostages to be released by Hamas on Monday evening [their time]. There was another snag in the process, as Hamas tried to separate child hostages from their mothers, as it had done previously. Israel has insisted that families not be separated, or that mothers at least be released with their children.

                                                                Hamas still retains over a dozen children as hostages, including an infant.


                                                              • #119908
                                                                Patricia N.

                                                                  Biden Pressure on Israeli Tactics Will Leave Hamas Intact and in Power:

                                                                  A source within the Israeli government told Breitbart News on Tuesday that U.S. President Joe Biden’s pressure would lead to Hamas surviving the war intact, rather than allowing Israel to destroy Hamas or remove its military and governing capabilities.

                                                                  In recent days, the White House has acknowledged that Israel intends to continue fighting Hamas after the current “pause,” sought by Biden to allow the release of hostages, ends later this week.

                                                                  . . . .  the Israeli government privately believes Biden is prepared to tolerate the survival of Hamas, despite the fact that Hamas and other terror groups would see that as a victory.

                                                                  The reason Israel believes this is Biden’s goal is that the U.S. administration is imposing onerous conditions on the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) regarding its operations in Gaza, such that defeating Hamas has become almost impossible.

                                                                  The New York Times described these Tuesday:

                                                                  The United States has warned Israel that it must fight more surgically and avoid further mass displacement of Palestinians in its war against Hamas to avoid a humanitarian crisis that overwhelms the world’s ability to respond, according to senior Biden administration officials.

                                                                  American officials have told the Israelis that any coming military operations should not hamper the flow of power and water or impede the work of humanitarian sites such as hospitals and U.N.-supported shelters in south and central Gaza.

                                                                  Middle East analyst and commentator Caroline Glick went into further detail in a column for the Jewish News Syndicate. She said, for example, that Biden’s opposition to Israeli airstrikes on buildings gave Hamas snipers the ability to kill Israeli soldiers.

                                                                  She wrote: “At a minimum, it is clear that Biden’s preference for the lives of civilians in Gaza over the lives of IDF soldiers on the ground ensures that far more soldiers will be killed in the fighting than would otherwise.”

                                                                  She noted that Biden had originally questioned Hamas’s statistics on civilian casualties in Gaza — which fail to distinguish between Hamas terrorists and true non-combatants — but that he had since apologized to anti-Israel Muslim groups and now uses the faulty Hamas death statistics.

                                                                  Glick added that Israel likely knew the locations in which most of the hostages were being kept, but had been prevented from launching military operations to rescue them because of the high potential cost in civilian lives, which Biden would not tolerate.

                                                                  Moreover, Glick noted, the Biden administration insists on letting the Palestinian Authority control Gaza after the war, rather than allowing Israel to control security there — a return to the status quo before 2007, when Hamas staged a coup in Gaza.

                                                                  Glick noted that the U.S. has near-total leverage over Israel because of Israeli dependence on American munitions for resupply. (Iran supplies Hamas and other terror organizations, and Russia supplies advanced weapons systems to the Iranian regime.)

                                                                  She suggested that the Republican-held House of Representatives hold hearings into the Biden administration’s pressure on Israel.

                                                                  Israeli analysts have described Biden’s recent approach to Israel as a tight hug — one that looks, on the surface, like support, but one that also prevents the Israeli government from moving on its own and doing what it must to defend its own security.


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                                                                    If I were running Israel I’d tell Biden to go pound sand. :stinkerbell:

                                                                  • #119924

                                                                      Wow ..  the UN conspired today … they want Israel to give up the Golan Heights.

                                                                      I immediately thought of this verse  Psalm 83:4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.



                                                                      – Fair Use –

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                                                                      Patricia N.

                                                                        Hamas Releases American Hostage Whose Family Purchased Hunter Biden’s Art:

                                                                        Hamas released on Sunday four-year-old hostage Abigail Mor Edan, whose great aunt is a reported buyer of Hunter Biden’s artwork and a big donor to Democrats.

                                                                        The release of Abigail suggests that her connections to the White House may have motivated the Biden administration to lobby Hamas to prioritize her release over other American hostages.


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                                                                        Patricia N.

                                                                          Possible Cyberattack Takes Down Fire and Police Phone Lines in Israel:

                                                                          A possible cyberattack knocked out phone lines to police and fire departments in Israel for over an hour on Monday night.

                                                                          The Bezeq Electric company issued a statement that said a “malfunction occurred in all Bezeq lines” during standard “night work.” The nature of the malfunction was not elaborated upon.

                                                                          The phone outage affected Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s national emergency response service, plus police and fire departments, and the Hatzalah emergency medical service. Service was restored after a little over an hour.


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                                                                          Patricia N.

                                                                            Amir Tsarfati:

                                                                            The Israeli radio reports that the Israeli government and Israeli society will soon be presented with a proposal: the release of ALL abductees, including the soldiers in return for the end of the war.

                                                                            The Arabs want to demand the return of ALL abductees in return for a permanent ceasefire.
                                                                            That would mean – Hamas stays in power in Gaza.
                                                                            Israel will never agree to such a deal!

                                                                            If the talks will collapse, we can expect a resumption of fighting towards the weekend.
                                                                            I AM ASKING YOU TO NOT GIVE A DIME TO THE RED CROSS!

                                                                            Lebanese source:  Hezbollah intends to attack Israel with a barrage of rockets that will be launched simultaneously, these are barrages in which thousands of regular rockets (Grad) will be launched that will confuse the Iron Dome and significantly deplete the pool of interceptors, and only then will accurate ground-to-ground missiles be launched to 240 pre-selected targets.

                                                                            My 2 cents: LEBANON WILL NOT EXIST IF THAT HAPPENS!
                                                                            During a raid operation in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF forces and fighters from special units came across horses that had been abandoned and were imprisoned in the battle area.
                                                                            The soldiers and commanders in the field did not remain indifferent, and in an extraordinary operation brought the horses to the territory of Israel, where they are expected to undergo examinations and veterinary treatment and receive a new home and a safe future in Israel!
                                                                            A total of 18 horses and 3 foals several months old were rescued in the operation 🐴🐎
                                                                            Please pray as I will be meeting with some important members of Congress (both Senators and Representatives) over the next two days! I will brief them regarding the situation in Israel and request their help in putting pressure on this administration to abandon the old and worthless plan for a Two-State solution.


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                                                                            Patricia N.

                                                                              Sixth and Final Group of Freed Hostages Enters Israeli Territory as Truce Ends:

                                                                              The sixth and final group of hostages — ten Israeli, four Thai — entered Israeli territory early Thursday morning as a truce expired between Israel and the Palestinian terror group Hamas.  Earlier, on Wednesday evening, Hamas released two Israeli women who also hold Russian citizenship.

                                                                              They were forced to march with Hamas terrorists past a large group of jeering Palestinians in Gaza, with the Red Cross van waiting for them and participating in the ritual of humiliation:

                                                                              Most are women and children, including several male teenagers.

                                                                              Hamas delayed the final release by several hours, evidently in an effort to gain leverage over Israel and to pressure the Israeli government to accept a four-day extension of the truce. The ten hostages were only handed over to the Red Cross about an hour before midnight.

                                                                              The United States and Qatar are trying to arrange for an extension of the truce. The Israeli government has vowed to take the fight to Hamas again once the truce ends, and it appears to have the strong support of the Israeli public in resuming the war.


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