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      Rick Jones

        From 9/23/2017 to 4/1/2023 is 2017 days. That’s kind of an interesting sign isn’t it?

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          numbers and dates kind of confuse me and i tend to mostly steer clear of them in relation to the Rapture anymore….but clearly numbers & dates are important to God as we see in His Word and that is interesting i admit, although i had to look up the first date to find its significance…

   for educational and comment purposes only

          i’m guessing this is why you start with that date?  i honestly never understood all that astronomy type stuff, but there was the star the wise men followed…

          i would be thrilled to fly super soon!  April feels too long away at this point to me…but i trust whatever God’s timing is & i don’t have to know it ahead of time or understand it ever (even though i think it will be awesome to get to hear all about His reasons etc. in person someday- i’m sure i couldn’t comprehend it without a glorified brain anyway!)

          thanks for the post, Rick

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            well, i tried to edit and it timed me out…sooo,  that link was what came up when i searched that date and saw the first one mentioning something about the Bible….saw it’s about that sign in the sky thing i’ve seen in passing on here and other places in the past…i didn’t know that article was going to be critical of the correlation between that and Rev. 12…i don’t know enough to be sharing anything that dismisses that, so i’m sorry- lesson learned never post a link w/o for certain what you are linking to…

            anyway, i shoulda stuck with short & sweet…

            “Hi, Rick, thanks for the post- does sound interesting even though i’m pretty clueless about all that!”

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            Rick Jones

              Hi Greatful, the 9/23/2017 date was the date that an astronomical event did occur in the heavens. Many people believed that it was the Revelation 12:1 sign. It did have all the attributes of the sign but God’s Church never seems to be unanimous about any event. Probably why we are referred to in 1 Peter 2:9 as a peculiar people.

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                  I’m really staying upbeat for the rapture this spring … based on patterns …

                  Israel will be 75 in 2023 and Abram entered the Promised Land when he was 75 so perhaps this is the timeframe when the church enters the heavenly Sweet Beulah Land?  :whistle:


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                  Per Mark Blitz  – he thinks the rapture will happen on Passover … this year on our calendar it begins on April 6th – and ends April 13th.  And Easter/Resurrection Day falls in between on April 9th …   :mail:

                   He also believes this is when the 2 witnesses show up.   And an extra cup is placed on each Jewish table hoping Elijah visits and this is only done on Passover time.  Hmmm … perhaps he crack the code of the “when”? :unsure:  


                  Biltz is the author of “Decoding the Anti-Christ and the End Times” and has incredible insight on Hebrew society and the culture of the day when the Bible was written. This is extremely crucial into understanding the end-times signs.

                  One of those insights include the Jewish calendar. The solar and lunar calendar has the months synchronized to the moon and the years to the sun. The calendar system we follow is solely based off the sun.

                  Most people don’t know “The time frame from Adam to Abraham.”

                  When you look at the date that Abraham was born, 1948 on the Hebrew calendar, that is the same year Israel became a nation on the secular Gregorian calendar.

                  What else does the calendar reveal? “Abraham was 75-years-old when he entered the promise land and received the promise he would inherit it. Well if you add 75 to our 1948, that’s 2023. That is this year, we are now approaching, can you believe it,” Biltz says.

                  Biltz says the Hebrew year 2023 is the year that Abraham entered the promise land, received the promise for the promise land and again it happened on an appointed time not just any day. He entered the promise land on Passover. ;-)  

                  “So as far as this coming year, this is a Jubilee year. This last year was a Shmita year, but there is seven Shmita years in a jubilee cycle,” Biltz says. The Shmita is the “year of release” or the sabbatical year on the Hebrew calendar.

                  How do we know we are in a jubilee year now? The year 5782 was the biblical year right before Rosh Hashanah, which was this year. Well, 5782 is divisible by 7 that’s how you know it’s a Shmita year. It’s also divisible by 49 which is why we know the year that we are entering now is a Jubilee year. After 49 years, seven cycles of seven, the following 50th year is a Jubilee year.

                  End times signs?

                  In Daniel 9:24-27, Daniel lays out the first coming of the Messiah and the events that will occur leading up to the time of Jesus’ second coming. The 70 weeks prophecy in the book of Daniel refers to a period of seventy years and the desolation of Jerusalem.

                  In Daniels 70 weeks, there is one week left and it’s a Shmita cycle, it’s not any random 7 years. “Which means if the tribulation doesn’t start this year (2023), it can’t start for seven more years because the first year of the tribulation has to begin the first year of a Shmita cycle,” Biltz says.

                  The tribulation can’t start any day, any month or any year, God is on a schedule,” he says.

                  Will it start this year? We will have to wait and watch for the signs, if not, the tribulation won’t start for seven more years.

                  “Just like the seven years of famine for Joseph lasted seven years after the seven years of prosperity, we have to realize God works in seven year segments, He’s not random,” Biltz says.

                  How do we know if we are in the tribulation?

                  Some kind of covenant will be made to divide the land of Israel.

                  If we see one of the two witnesses talked about in the Bible. “If we see some people showing up in Jerusalem this Passover, we have to see what they teach because what’s scary is that the anti-Christ and the false prophet are going to do miracles so you can’t follow the miracles,” Biltz says. “When you study what Elijah and Moses do, they cause major problems. They turn water to blood, they kill those who oppose them and make fire fall from the sky,” he says. We know it is then the Antichrist shows up and he’s the one that kills the witnesses and people think he’s the messiah.

                  Many think the Antichrist will come first, but really it’s going to be God’s two witnesses warning everyone and then he will show up and he will be like Solomon. In Biltz’s book: “Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times,” he talks about how Solomon is a type of Antichrist using scripture. Someone who comes and solves all the Middle East problems appearing to be a peace maker. He could preach Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and loving one another. “I really think a lot of people are going to be deceived,” he says.

                  – Fair Use –

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                    Great insights!  Let it be according to God’s time!  Great time to be excited!  TR

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