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        Here are some user inputs on how to change your profile picture.

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          There are other ways, surely, but this is how I do it.
          1) Put a copy of the photo on your desktop.
          2) In this posting space, click on the little square on the top row, far right, that says “Insert image” if you hover over it.
          3) At the top right corner of your computer screen, there’s a “-“, a square, and an “x”.  Click the square so the page only takes up a part of the screen.  You can resize the page by clicking and dragging the edges.
          4) Then click and drag the photo into the big box that says “Upload images”.
          5) Click submit like always.


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            You click this image looks like 2 mountains and a sun … (its next to the paper clip)

            it will then say Upload Images

            then click on Photo Library

            then you should see the pictures on your phone


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              Kent, I have a ton of pictures saved in file folders of my making online. I am assuming that is the same as “Photo Library?” If you have photo’s grouped and saved online, that is from where you want to bring them to this site. This is what I do:

              1. Click on that last image above your write/post box, the mountain as Geri showed.
              2. Click on Upload Images.
              3. Click on wherever you have your photo’s filed.
              4. Now click on the photo you want to share here.
              5. Then click on “Open.” Mine is in the lower right hand corner.
              6. When you click Open, your photo should then show on RN.

              (After you’re able to post your picture(s), I will delete your questioning posts on how to do it) :rose:

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