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        Here is a series of eight frames / posts by Douglas H posted six days ago, that if you have some time and want to get excited about leaving within this next week, should be worth opening and digesting.  At least part 1 which is a thumbnail for what he defends in the next seven frames.  Parts 1-8.  Many of his proposals align with things we’ve read elsewhere about July and August, and many thoughts are original and interesting.  Enjoy, if you want to.

        Anyway, it fills me with Thishful Winking.  I asked Kolleen this morning if she really believed we would not finish out next week if she would still have her foot surgery on Tuesday.  She agreed that if she knew, then of course not, silly! ……   She’s having it.  :yes:

        “July 3/4/5 high watch time, part 1.”

        All eight are accessible through in the 23 June 2019 section.

        Hopin’ hopin’ hopin’ hopin’ ….

        Fair use for discussion and educational purposes.


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