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        Dear Lord,

        Thank you for dying for our sins and saving us. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to guide us and comfort us. Thank you for the rapture and for telling us through your word what the future holds.

        Lord, please save our loved ones and take them up in the rapture with us. We ask for supernatural protection for everybody on Ritan, protect us, protect our families and loved ones. Please protect our homes and protect us when we are travelling. Place warrior angels in our homes and our properties, place them in our neighborhoods, in our workplace and let them accompany us wherever we go.

        Please protect us from scams and fraud. Protect us from identity theft, hackers, computer viruses and any other cyber attacks. please make us extra vigilant and give us extra discernment and wisdom. please let us know who is our friend and who is not, please make us extra discerning to know who is a good Sheppard and a teacher and who is not.

        Bless our finances and protect us from unexpected financial burdens. Keep us healthy and restore anyone who is sick to perfect health. please ease our fears and anxieties. please comfort us when we need it and keep us encouraged about your soon return.

        I pray blessings on this forum. I pray for extra wisdom and discernment for all the mods. I pray that this site will not experience any technical problems and will be kept safe from false teachers and anyone or anything that threatens our unity and love for each other.

        please keep us safe and come for us soon.

        In Jesus’ name


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          :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands:

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            Thank you for praying in agreement Jozefina. :rose:

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              Heidi…such an anointed and beautiful prayer!  Thank you for this!    :amen:

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                Thank you very much Glorybound.

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                  Bless your heart for the glorious and all inclusive prayer!  May the Lord indeed honor your heart.


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                    Praying right along with you- thank you so much, I praise God for putting this on your heart and for you to share it so we will pray with you!  May God bless each of us and our loved ones in the ways He knows is best for each individual – whatever is needed to push His purposes forward- to quickly grow His Kingdom and prepare us all for the Rapture- Maranatha!

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                      Thank you so much TenderReed and Gratefulforgrace.

                      Thank you for everybody who has prayed with me. When 2 of you agree…… even better when a lot of people agree.

                      Thank you Jesus.


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