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        Our five senses in portrait of Christ

        A portrait of the living Christ
        not a picture in a frame
        but his beauty on a spiritual plane

        Close your eyes and come with me
        with your five senses you will see
        a portrait of Christ in all His majesty

        Sense Jesus’ touch he is near
        casting out all your fear
        mending healing restoring you
        just as he said he would do
        replacing pain and despair
        with His tender loving care

        Oh taste and see that the Lord is good
        His word is spirit truth and life
        food that comes from paradise
        no other food could ever bring
        the abundant life of Christ within

        Smell His fragrance Christ is here
        no earthy fragrance can compare
        it captures the soul and floods the mind
        takes us to the realm of the divine

        Listen you have never heard sound so sweet
        as Christ’s whisper when He speaks
        Neither harp nor violin
        nor if a thousand angels sing
        could ever match the sweetest sound
        of Christ’s whisper to the soul of man

        Feel His touch take his hand
        Go with Him to the fragrant land
        Eat the bread of life its free
        Hear His voice whisper it’s Me
        Now look in the mirror and you will see
        a portrait of Christ He’s in you and He’s in me.

        RitaMay 1996

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          That is beautiful, RitaMay! Thank you for sharing it with us

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              Thank you all  for your kind comments. :rose:


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              How comforting, thank you RitaMay for that inner picture of our Lord! :bible :rose:

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              Avatar photoDonna

                beautiful, RitaMay . .

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                Bruce Holland

                  God sees our heart and these beautiful words about him came from your heart . Truly you have a heart for him . :heart: :bible

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