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    Monday, February 13, 2017

    When your parents wanted you to do something unpleasant, they said it’s good for you – going to bed early, doing homework, eating vegetables. Other things in life felt good, like milkshakes, cheesecake, or potato chips, but they weren’t good for you. Often, things that feel good aren’t good for you and things that are good for you don’t feel good. It’s the same way in the spiritual realm. Sin may feel good, but it’s not. Then, there are things that don’t feel good like going through trials, dying to self, or taking up your cross, but they’re good for you. We have to choose to turn down what seems or feels good and choose what may not feel good, but is. But scripture also tells us to rejoice in the Lord. It’s good for you and it feels good, too. That’s why it says the joy of the Lord is your strength and rejoice in the Lord always. Start rejoicing in the Lord, in all of H is blessings and you’ll love it and be blessed for it. So get into and rejoice in His good joy. It’s good and it’s good for you.

    Scripture: Prov. 17:22

    TODAY’S MISSION – Turn down that which feels good but isn’t – and embrace that which is good and right – regardless of how it feels.

    “Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes”

    "Baruch haba ba'Shem Adonai !"
    "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD !"

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