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    There may very well be a prophecy in just the name alone of Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation —He is called the Alpha and Omega—-this just happens to be the name of a vary rare star group in the constellation of Capricorn—there are many stars that use the name Alpha but only a few stars have the name Omega–and to have both in the same constellation is very rare–but here they are in the Capricorn Constellation and they make up the three main stars of this constellation of the SEA GOAT—Alpha-2 Capricorni and Beta Capricorni and Omega Capricorni–The Three in One Trinity!!!!

    God even may have given man a sign of the end of the tribulation period year as to the Day of the Lord —in our own Vision that is in our human bodies—the eyes are at their best precision of vision when they both are 20/20!! This could be a prophecy for the year 2020 as the final year of the tribulation!! Along with Psalm 120 for the year 2020 which begins the new Ascending Psalms as they pertain to the Millinium Temple!!

    The Day of Atonement on September 28, 2020—is this the final year of the tribulation period???
    Let’s see if we can discover some things from this amazing find that has been discovered on the Astronomy events in the heavens!!

    We shall see if there is any celestial astronomy event out there in the heavens that could possibly come immediately after this September 28, 2020 tribulation period of the gentile nations! To fulfill the Matthew 24:29-30 scripture where we have a detailed set of astronomy events which will occur immediately after the tribulation period —if indeed this Day of Atonement on September 28, 2020 is the concluding year of the tribulation period.

    Remember —-if the tribulation period and Daniel’s 70th week of 7 years were to begin on a Passover Feast —-then it must end on a Passover feast——which according to this Day of Atonement coming at the end of this great Tribulation Period—must continue for an extra period of 7 months to cleanse the land of Israel of all the Dead Armies in the valley of Megiddo (Ezekiel 39:14); and you can do the math from September 28, 2020 on the day of atonement—until Nisan 2021—would be about a SEVEN MONTH period of Land cleansing!

    Lets count the years backwards from 2021 Nisan!!

    2021 Nisan to 2020 Nisan= 1 year

    2020 Nisan to 2019 Nisan= 2 year

    2019 Nisan to 2018 Nisan = 3 year

    2018 Nisan to 2017 Nisan= 4 year

    2017 Nisan to 2016 Nisan = 5 year

    2016 Nisan to 2015 Nisan – 6 year

    2015 Nisan to 2014 Nisan = 7th YEAR!!!!!

    April 14, 2014 to be exact!!!!

    So lets get back to our discovery of the possible end of the tribulation period astronomy signs in the heavens followed closely by the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens; as recorded in Matthew 24:29-30!

    First lets see if Daniel’s scripture in Daniel 12:12 the day count of 1,335 days from the abomination of desolation is set up in the rebuilt jewish temple around the middle of the tribulation period —let’s begin by seeing what the regular length of the last part of the tribulation period is first and then tag on the extra days in Daniel 12:12!

    There are 7 years of this tribulation period! From Possibly Passover 2014 until Passover 2021!! Keep in mind this is not official–these are all speculative dates!!

    Subtracting 1,260 days from the Daniel day count of 1,335 days we have a total of 75 days.
    Using the Day of Atonement feast as the end of the gentiles tribulation period on September 28, 2020—-and going forwards by 75 days to complete this 1,335 day period that started from the abomination set up in the jewish temple (we will find that this event in the temple could take place on Passover 2017); we now will count forwards from the ending of this tribulation period 75 days—–so from September 28, 2020 and adding 75 days we come to about December 14-15, 2020!!!

    What makes this date so inportant? Well, it so happens to come immediately or shortly after this tribulation period by just a little over 2 short months and it fulfills the description in Matthew 24:29-30 for the following astronomy celestial events:

    The Sun and the Moon will darken or eclipse and the stars or meteors will fall from heaven to the earth!

    What happens on this December 14, 2020 date that will qualify for the official Total Solar Eclipse that might just be seen in the heavens at the conclusion of the great battle that will take place in the Land of Israel occording to Joel 3: 14-15; the Day of the Lord is in the valley of decision-multitudes will die during this great battle?

    On December 14, 2020 –which is in the middle of the feast of Dedication or the 29oth of kislev; there will be a TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Sun and Moon over much of the middle east—and to top it all off it just happens to fall on the Geminids METEOR shower that peaks around December 13-14, 2020; this major meteor shower is growing in intensity every year with some 120-160 meteors per hour as of the year 2014. The Geminids are now considered by many to be the most consistent and active annual meteor shower in the northern hemisphere!

    Well, this sure enough fulfills Matthew 24:29; but what about the next verse 30–where we need to see the SIGN of the SON of MAN in the heavens around the time closely after this December 14-15, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse and vivid meteor shower?

    Well, have no fear–the heavens have given those of earth at that time a sure SIGN that will most likely be much talked about as the year 2021 rolls around!

    On January 11, 2021 through February 11, 2021 –which is only about a month after the SUN and Moon are in Total Eclipse and the stars(meteors) fall from the sky in an intense Geminid meteor shower; we see a definite SIGN in the heavens that will take the form of a Grand Cross alignment; with the Sun at the head of this alignment!

    The planets forming this cross in the heavens will be the Sun and the Moon and Mercury and Saturn; and most interesting of all the two planets that hang in the middle of this Cross alignment as if hanging on the cross in a crucified position –and in close conjuuction—is both Venus and Jupiter who both are identified as Christ Jesus—The bright and morning star and the King of Kings or in this type–the King Planet!!
    Plus this additional sign of the two main stars being named Alpha and Omega CAPRICORNI!!

    tO top this planetary cross alignment off even more is the constellation where this celestial event will take place—the constellation of the SEA GOAT Capricorn—the Capricorn goat is a sacrificial animal that was used in jewish sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem. Jesus the Messiah came the first time to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the world!

    The GOAT sacrifice fits the wrath atonement necessary for the Sins of the Gentile nations!
    The nations are divided into two groups: The Sheep and the Goats!

    The unsaved gentiles will see the sign of the Son of man coming back in the constellation of the Goat Sacrifice SIGN of Capricorn in the heavens!

    This most likely is what the scripture is referring to when it states in Revelation 1:7 —He is coming with the clouds–every eye will see Him; even those who PIERCED HIM; and on His account all the tribes of the earth will wail>

    Could it be that this Cross Alignment in the heavens in the Sacrificial Sign of the Sea Goat Constellation of Capricorn will remind all those on the earth just who it was that was pierced on the CROSS so many centuries ago by the Sins of all these ungodly gentile nations?!!

    I did notice another interesting SIGN that might be seen in this Capricorn constellation with the naked eye at the same time as this Grand Cross Alignment—–in January-February 2021—There is a Comet 67P showing up in this Capricorn constellation at this time and I do believe it may be pointing those on the earth to look up in the skies to this very sign in the heavens.

    There is not much else after these astronomy signs in the heavens–during this December 2020- January/February 2021 Period!!

    So I think it is safe to say that this most likely is the fulfillment of Matthew 24: 29-30!!! The Sign of the Son of Man is most likely this Grand Cross alignment in the Capricorn constellation on February 11, 2021!!!

    But as always the astronomy events in heaven can always be altared by more dramatic signs caused be the breakup of asteroids or Comets creating a new phenomena in a main constellation or even a star exploding in a far away galaxy—so there could be other celestial events that could by chance fulfill this Matthew 24:29-30 scripture—but to fit on this timeline—well that is another big challenge yet to be seen!!!

    Moderators of Rita Now I do ask that you might want to send this message or post to both Five Doves and Rapture Flight To Heaven websites—it is very encouraging to say the least!!! It is worthy of more research–it is by far not the final word on this subject—but it does seem to all fit together in the grand scheme of end time events!!!!

    I want to thank the person who has the Timeline Chart on Rapture Watch. Net / Signs in the Heavens—-you can go to this website and check this sign out on the top right of the timeline chart!!! It is for February 11, 2021!!! Other signs are on the chart-but I seem to have found this Cross Alignment to be of major importance!!!!


    David R. or any other mod at RITA Now—is it possible to have the posts heading show up in larger and bolder type when we make copies of any post on the website–everytime I make copies the heading is real small and the first paragraph of the message or post is real big and then it gets more smallerfor the rest of the length!! Am I doing something wrong when I want to copy the posts? I would like them to look exactly the way they appear on the full page after we review what has been placed on the discussion board–that is what I would like them to look like-but for some reason they don’t print out that way!!!

    Mom of 2
    Mom of 2

    What if God lights these planets up as well as lining them up? :scratch:

    We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of God's power may be of Him and not of us. 2 Cor. 4:7

    David R
    David R

    Scott, the way things are sent to a printer may not be the way things appear on the screen. I suspect there isn’t a lot that can be done for that, either. Some sites have a print-friendly alternate page; we aren’t set up for that, unfortunately.

    There are some things that could be done with the right software to get a more accurate representation of what’s on the screen. However, they’re so much trouble, I doubt they would be much use to you. For example, you might go to “File” up at the top bar, select “Save Page As…”, then select “Text Files.” Next, you would print that off, after you edited out the parts you didn’t want in the file. But really, I don’t imagine you’d want to go through that whole process.

    Anyone else have a more practical solution?

    My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord;
    my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Psalm 84:2


    David R. you are just the best troubleshooter ever–thanks for the helpful tips!!! I will ask also the Librarians to see if they can help!!!

    MOm of 2—-I did mention in my message about this Comet 67P that will be flying into this Capricorn constellation at the time of this grand cross alignment—it most likely will be the finger pointer along with the natural brightness of the planets themselves which will make this billboard shine oin the heavens!!


    Thank you!~ :good: This is really wonderful research.God bless you for this new info! :mail:


    Scott, I punched in February 11, 2021 in Stellarium, and YES I can see the Grand Cross your talking about! What an amazing research this is.
    I can barely use this Stellarium software and would love to see Humble Horse do a video of it.

    What is so exciting about your research is the implications for this year of 2014! I am in Awe of God as these star alignments would have all been created
    “In the beginning”…wow. All glory to God! :heart:



    Scott, I punched in February 11, 2021 in Stellarium, and YES I can see the Grand Cross your talking about! What an amazing research this is.<br>
    I can barely use this Stellarium software and would love to see Humble Horse do a video of it.

    What is so exciting about your research is the implications for this year of 2014! I am in Awe of God as these star alignments would have all been created<br>
    “In the beginning”…wow. All glory to God! :heart:

    Absolutely! Could THIS YEAR of 2014 be the year that the RAPTURE FINALLY OCCURS? PLEASE, GOD: LET IT BE SO!


    Mike Mc

    I finally made it back again after being gone I lost my password, thanks to the Admins. for the help…..
    I have something for Scott to look at, from a fellow watcher on the Signs.

    I will post a link to his Video’s and you may have already seem them…the One the started it off was the Revelation 12:1-2 Sign
    Here is his link… let me know what you guy’s think …

    [Mod edit:  We don’t allow someone’s Youtube channel to be posted; however, the individual links to videos are usually okay.  Is this the one you had in mind?  If not, let me know and I’ll correct it.]




    Mike Mc—-Thanks for posting this video on the signs in the heavens—I really did get some inspiration from this video-I will be watching this brother’s video on the other sign that I have not yet figured out in Revelation 15 of the seven angels with the seven plagues–he seems to have a solution to the sign in the heavens–I can’t wait to see his take on this one!!!

    TakeMeHome—I wish I knew how to use Stellarium on the Library’s computer—it seems like I can’t find a good interactive planet program other then the Solar System Scope!! I was using the Astroviewer website until it went to not being free!!!


    It’s ok Scott, I was able to get enough of a visual in Stellarium for me to follow your research and work as posted.

    Mostly I was thinking that unfortunately I don’t know how to use it well enough and how to make a video to share that visual with others. sigh.
    I can only say I saw it in the program. Oh of interest is that in Stellarium it only became visible on EXACTLY February 11… not sure if that would
    be true with another program as you posted between Jan 11 and Feb 11.

    If I find a pic online of that alignment I’ll post it.

    Thank you again and God bless you. :heart:


    Mike Mc

    Thanks Admins for the Help…….. Scott He has just finished his last part 4 of his entire work for the last few months… You and Him are very close on your time lines. I have been watching you for the past few months not able to post till now thanks to the help from the Admin’s here. I was very excited when I saw your work here and the others in your post. If it’s ok I will post one more video. to look at his time line….

    Lets see if this will work…


    Scott, this is amazing, I think you’ve just convinced me of the validity of this sign!! – I really ought to get my ‘Signs in the Heavens’ video making head on… I’ve been to busy writing Rock ‘n Roll!!

    I have been watching Igo2slo4u2cme on you tube for a while now, and although I agree with most of his findings, I have not been able to get my head around his ‘end of tribulation’ signs in the heavens, where the days are shortened to make things fit… but maybe now that I’m convinced about this sign it’ll help me get my act together…


    ....Peace, Love, Rock 'n Roll. X


    Humblehorse–Keep pumping out those british rock hits—maybe try some new vocal techniques by altaring your voice in a quagmire of electronic psychodeliphonics—-just joking—I do enjoy it when a rocker sings in different vocal ranges which sometimes gives more flavors to the volume of enless hits!

    I am not totally convinced of all the signs found by this youtube timeliner—I have problems with the seven angels as representing the seven eclipses between the mid tribulation sign and the sign of the Son of man at the end of the tribulation!!

    The jury is still out on some timeline day counts and I have more research to do on this constellation of Crater being the cup of the full wrath of God and how it figures into the seven agels with the seven cups of the final wrath of God’s indignation—–I do believe there is some connection between the final judgments of God and this Crater Constellation—Humblehorse I got a constellation Pun for ya—CRATER is He that is in you then he that is in the Stellarium—Hee! Hee!

    I am reading the new book out now by Mark Blitz titled Blood Moons!!!! It is pretty detailed about the feast of the Lord and the solar eclipses–I am still getting into the meat of the subject but have a problem as to when the rapture is to take place—this author feels that the feast of trumpets is the time of the rapture because of the “Last Trump” statement in Paul’s Epistles!!

    That has always stumped me—but I believe that it might be referring to anouther trumpet sounding that may be related to Pentacost!!!

    Humblehorse—please look into this Sign of the Sun of Man on February 11, 2021 and the Comet 67P which will be going into the Capricorn constellation at that time—I think of this cross shape planet alignment and the Comet entering in the middle of this cross as the sign of the Sharp Spear that PIERCED the side of the Savior on the wooden cross–this is a celestial replaying of this amazing event!!! The Comet is the sharp SPEAR that PIERCED our Lord—the tribes of the earth will mourn when they see Him whom they PIERCED!!!
    Look forward to your next videos –whether they be the new rock releases or the new stellarium research!!


    Mike Mc

    <Scott… I am not totally convinced of all the signs found by this youtube timeliner>

    Scott do you agree with the Revelation 12:1 sign at the Mid-Point ?
    And do you agree with the Sign of the Cross, at the beginning of the Tribulation… The Sign at Jesus Birth, this same sign is the one that Rick Larson, and the Star of Bethlehem documentary found a few years ago now… His biggest problem was trying to find the day counts all 10 of them and how they fit into the shorting of days at the end. He work for about 2 months on that alone..

    And HumbleHorse your in that Group that I am talking about . THE RAPTURED on Face book , I think were getting real close according to some of the video’s I just saw , one was from Doug Batchelor about the Pope making and off for the protestants to return back to the universal catholic church…. It was a wow moment video…for me..

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