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    Psalm 131:2 says, “I have quieted my soul as a weaned child.” A weaned child is finished with its mother’s milk and not crying for it anymore. So in order to receive from God, you have to wean your soul. When you first take a child away from its mother’s milk, it cries, but then becomes weaned and at peace. It’s the same way with us and the world; we tend to get attached to it and have to wean ourselves from it. You need to take time away from the noise— radio, internet, business, chores, and even from doing things for the Lord— just to be in His presence, to quiet your soul so you can rest and receive from Him. The more time you spend in God’s presence, the more weaned you’ll be from the temptations of this world— what people think of you, the lusts, the dependencies, the emotional ups and downs-– and you’ll be blessed. Turn off the distractions, stop dwelling on issue s, and draw near to the presence of the Lord. Be quiet, be at peace, and be blessed— just like a weaned child.

    Scripture: Col. 3:1–2

    TODAY’S MISSION – Take time today to practice weaning your soul, your desires, your mind, your heart from distractions and attachments. Spend time in His presence and receive from Him.

    “Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes”

    "Baruch haba ba'Shem Adonai !"
    "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD !"

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