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    We sat facing each other on the desert sand.  The teacher was holding a stick, which he would use in the revealing of the mystery.  “On the night of Passover,” he said, “the Israelites marked their doorposts with the blood of the lamb.  Do you know how they did it?”


    “They put the blood on three places, on the right beam, on the left beam, and on the top beam.”

    Using the stick, he made three dots in the sand:  one on the top, and two below it to the right and the left.

    “Now let’s connect the dots,” he said as he began drawing a line from dot to dot.  “What does it form?”

    “A triangle.”

    “A triangle pointing upward to heaven.  The act was performed by man looking toward God, from earth to heaven, from man to God.  In the first Passover the blood of the lamb appeared on the beams of their doorposts.  But over a thousand years later, in the Passover of the Messiah, the blood appeared on the beams of the cross.  In how many places did that blood appear?”

    I thought for a moment before answering.  “Three,” I replied.


    “At His right hand, at His left hand, and at His feet.”

    At that, he put the stick back in the sand and drew three dots, one on the bottom, and two above it.  Then he again connected the dots.  It formed another triangle alongside the first.  But this one pointed down.

    “Again, three marks of blood…Again it forms a triangle.  But this triangle points downward, just as this Passover sacrifice comes not from man to God, but from God to man.  And now what happens if we join the two Passover triangles?”

    He then drew the two triangles, the one overlapping the other.

    “The Star of David!”  I said.  “It forms the Star of David, the sign of Israel.”

    “Two Passovers, two lambs, two triangular patterns of blood, separated by over a thousand years and yet forming the sign of God’s nation.  A sign formed in the blood of the Passover Lamb…a sign that the Passover Lamb has come…to set free all who take refuge in His blood.”

    The Mission:  The blood of the Lamb breaks every chain and bondage.  Walk today in the power of the Lamb and break free.

    Exodus 12:3-7; 1 Corinthians 5:7

    Cahn, Jonathan. “The Mystery of the Triangles.” The Book of Mysteries. Lake Mary, FL: FrontLine, 2016. Day 100. Print.
    “Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes”

    "Baruch haba ba'Shem Adonai !"
    "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD !"

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