The mystery of God in Revelation 10:7

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    Well I figure that being next year is the 70th from 1948 its the year. BUT Hoping Heather is right!! Now if we see 2019 then there is a problem.. Im not real happy with the Bible sort of speak, cause no matter where you read in it there will be 10,000 different opinions of it. Shouldnt be that way, if the bible is from God we ALL should be on the same page.. Many are of the opinion that 70 years is a generation, If we see 2019 then we need to wonder how true the Bible is… Praying we dont have to…

    Waiting on him, Bible is flawless. It’s only human who consistently make mistake when they force their exegesis into scripture,especially those who have already started wrong with their view on post-tribulation rapture, preterism, amillennialism,and replacement theology. I have read many of their comments. I don’t see Holy Spirit guiding them and leading their thought. So we shouldn’t blame on bible but human only.

    Anyway, my first encounter with the mystery 70 years in Zechariah 1 took place on January 12 2010. While I was reading Zechariah 1,especially when I was reading the 70 years, a thought came to me “Think 1948!”. This thought had me trembled for few hours and instantly I thought of 2018.

    Couple of days later, when I was reading Jeremiah 25, verse 12 to 38, I “saw” a picture of global warfare. And “instantly” I knew this could not be the 70 years Babylonian captivity God has prophesied from verse 1 to 11. I was led by Holy Spirit to learn that God has prophesied two different periods of 70 years in Jeremiah 25, and the latter one being the same as the 70 years in Zechariah 1.

    My other experience was with Matthew 24. In the same year,while I was reading verse 36, I envisioned Jesus turned around (after he gave a long speech to his disciples from verse 1 to 35) facing me and said to me, “As for you and the church;But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”,and then the rest of verse 37 to 41.

    Since then I knew verse 36 to 41 is about rapture, not the second coming on earth. These are my testimony/ Some may disagree, but at least this is my experience with Holy Spirit.

Viewing 26 post (of 26 total)

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