Super Moons!!? Three of them in a row….

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    With all the signs pointing to last month, and the whole thing happening again, this month…

    Both with a Super Moon, well there’s one next month too… And then they’re gone… :yahoo: :yahoo: B-) Maybe??? Well the moons are!!

    I was just thinking, that if there’s 3 super moons over these 3 months, then maybe there’s some significance in that… (Sorry to those that don’t get the ‘Signs’ in the Heavens. xxx)

    And IF (that’s just the way my brain works) He were to Rapture us on the MIDDLE MOON that would be tonight!?!??? Like September-Signs October-Rapture November-Tribulation

    But I also realise, that you can’t really connect a super moon to a RAPTURE…? so don’t get your hopes up!??!? :yahoo: B-) :yahoo: B-) :yahoo: :wacko:

    But I can come up with PLENTY of REASONS why the middle one would make sense if you COULD!?!?

    Peace, Love Rock ‘n Roll

    ....Peace, Love, Rock 'n Roll. X

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