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    spiritual eyes


    In the Holy Bible
    There was a lesson taught
    A lesson taught by Christ himself
    To those who wisdom sought

    He started with a story
    About a wealthy man
    Who gave his servants certain gifts
    To manage and expand

    The wealthy man returned in time
    And inquired from those he left
    And asked to see the increase gained
    And if he had more wealth

    The fist man doubled the value
    Of the portion he was lent
    Likewise the second and the third
    Then for the last he sent

    Now the portion if that man was small
    and he did not turn his hand
    To increase his gift in value
    So he buried it in the sand

    The wealthy man was angry
    And he took that gift away.
    And gave to someone he could trust
    That would work to make it pay

    Now the master gave some gifts to us
    Differing in size
    you might have a gift so small
    You hardly recognize

    God gave them for a reason
    Those talents you possess
    So pray for him to show you
    He will answer your request

    Be a good and faithful servant
    Serve your master with a smile
    And use that gift he gave you
    Till you walk that last long mile


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    Patti Day
    Patti Day

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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