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    sonya b1974

    Mike Mc

    Steven Ben DeNoon said the same thing.. he made two very short videos about..
    What is very interesting is to find the different Arabic newspapers split along propaganda lines in determining what has happened to President Basher al-Assad. Al Jazeera which tends to be pro West Claims Assad in serious condition. Pro Syrian government news source’s claim that he is OK!

    Some say he had a stroke… I don’t have a Twitter account but he was saying it blew up big time..
    The really bad news is , Who is going to control all those Weapons of Mass Destruction in Damascus..

    Amir Hinted at this in his latest up date, and a suicide bomber made it all the way into the Secured area of the Elite Generals in Central Damascus and blew up the bath houses, He also touched on the WMD’s that Assad got from Iraq. While all this was going on Iran fired off another Ballistic Missile, another test for Nuke payloads… The real problem is who ever gets there hands on the weapons and Israel will know along with us.. It’s Game on over Damascus…
    Israel will not let those weapons fall into the hands of her enemies, they will strike first, no if ands are buts…




    Twitter saying, saying stroke, poisoned, beaten, or assasinated on his twitter page.

    There is a bad blurry photo of bruises on face.

    Mostly rumors nothing confirmed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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