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    I have not been on here for awhile but I was reading the end time dreams tonight on RITA and I really enjoyed them. I have been getting more dreams these last few months but I want to tell the most recent one I had which was I believe in November 2014.

    I was standing on the city sidewalk with my sister. We were getting ready to cross the street then all of sudden a huge explosion happen right in the town. Smoke was billowing out from the top of buildings, people were screaming, people were killed. I was watching a horrible disaster happen right before. I felt like I was going into shock almost. I felt an arm going around my waist and I turned and it was a woman and she spoke into my ear and said “make your way up to the train station NOW. She had an urgency in her voice and my sister and I ran to the train station. The train station had a large circular wooden platform. We wale up about 10 wooden steps to get to the platform. The platform had high wooden rails all around it because the platform set about 50 feet off the ground. There was probably 100 people on the platform. All of us was waiting for the train. I leaned over the railings and looked down upon the city that I loved and my heart was broken for the devastation that I could see. Dark smoke, screams, crying, confusion and death everywhere. In my heart I knew that this was just the beginning that the final blow to this city was in a matter of minutes. My sister at this time told me “I forgot something, I am going to run back and get it and I will be right back. I said you cannot do this, there is not enough time.I begged her to please not go but she was sure she would have time. As soon as she went down the steps this long white train pulled up and the doors open and we all got on it and it pulled away. As the train pulled away we could hear massive catastrophic explosions going off and I knew my town was not more. I was sad at the end of my dream because I knew my sister was left behind. The long white train was the Rapture of the Christians. The Rapture had taken place.

    This came into my mind when I woke up. The story of the 5 foolish virgins who did not have their lamps all trimmed and burning but waited until the master was comming and then wanted to run back to fill their lamps with oil. My sister believes in God but has not gave her life to him yet. Many people are waiting until they see times getting closer to the end before they get saved and I believe God was showing me that as Christians we need to be prepared to meet our Savior soon. Have our lives in order because time is so short. I can hardly wait to be in heaven with Jesus on Rapture day but until then we need to reach as many as possible.

    In this dream I also God was showing me that

    Even so, Lord come quickly.


    Jan in CT

    Thank you for sharing your dream. I agree with your thoughts on this. Time is running out for sure. Your dream reminds me of Lot’s wife that looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. People that love the world and don’t accept Christ before the rapture will find themselves dealing with a tribulation period of wrath and destruction. I feel sad for those that don’t heed the warnings. God bless, Jan

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