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    I’d like to give my brothers and Sisters at RITAN a bit of encouragement… Oh Yes!!! B-)

    My world has gone mad… in an amazing and intense way.

    Every since the blood moon and the deal that was made against Israel at the beginning of April, the Holy Spirit is impacting me in ways that I have not experienced before in my 30 years as a disciple.

    All of these events have happened whilst I’ve been worshiping my Lord.

    My screen saver of the Lion of Judah burst into flames and when I closed my eyes I was traveling down tunnels of light.
    One Friday evening in my spirit I saw the edge of Heaven splitting apart, then the following evening I saw Heaven opened and blinding light was flashing forth.
    Then God impacted me with His awesome power and majesty and glory so strongly, that I was reeling for days.
    Then I had an experience where I was 100% alive in spirit and the body seemed unimportant which was truly, truly exciting!!!
    Then whilst worshiping in the garden under a star lit night I felt the sheer awesomeness and power of the words that I was singing and I knew that they were eternal and full of power…

    And that’s just the highlights, His presence has been consistent and awesome over the last 6 weeks in such a way that it really cannot be fully explained.

    I just wanted to say that there is a major ramping up of activity in God from my experiences, and to encourage us all that Jesus is VERY VERY real and OUR God is an Awesome Powerful Father!!! B-)

    ....Peace, Love, Rock 'n Roll. X

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