My heart says we are drawing closer to universalism as a world than Christianity

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    Many Christians online are rejoicing in Trump and his victory, certain that the country is back on track and that it will now grow more and more Christian. One observation I have made, almost all, if not all, of these Christians are post trib believers. They are not looking for Jesus Christ, they are not looking to be snatched away. They are ready to sit back and be Americans, to bask in patriotism and nationalism. While I have no problem with supporting this country, these people generally have no concept of being part of the body of Christ, or a citizen of God’s kingdom.

    The Alex Jones brand of Christianity is dogma to these folks. Jones talkes about technology creating a new age, where humans live infinite lives, where the greatest achievement is what man can do here in the reality. SO many Christians seem to love this idea…..I don’t see a personal relationship with Christ, but rather, I see people who like the morals and ideal that Jesus and the Bible represents, but there end goal is, you guessed it… keep bettering themselves and doing more good things in order to reach God. Which is the EXACT opposite of what Christ taught, that the relationship with Him, that knowing Him and being born again from above is all about Jesus Christ, not ourselves.

    Jones and others with his views of what Christianity is seem to be the new mainstream Christianity…it is not prosperity gospel, it is more like new gospel, with humans at the center and Christ in the backseat.

    The more I am watching what is happening throughout America, the more plainly I see it. Christianity isn’t as much about Christ anymore in popular culture, as it is about humans and their striving within their human nature to better themselves….it is Catholic and new age in nature.

    I have watched the videos and timelines for this September, and I have to say, there is a stirring in my soul that says NOW. Mainly because for the past five years I have watched the signs with everyone here and yearly it seemed that all was lost and that the Trumpet would sound any second. The fact that Trump has been elected and now this false idea of Christianity seems to be growing exponentially, it feels like God is using this moment to almost seperate those who are trusting Him from those who simply use His name as another word for “human progress”, totally missing the fact that this world is fallen and that we are not meant to live in it as non believers.

    Trump himself had prayers from multiple faiths at the inaguration, and if he is born again, it would seem that his walk has not reached a point where he knows that Catholicism, Islam and all other religions are directly inspired by lucifer to ensnare people in works based false religions.

    I pray it is September guys and gals.


    It appears like that’s what I’m seeing too.

    My expectations for this country are pretty low at this point in time. I’m glad Hillary didn’t win, and like much of what Trump is trying to do but

    For me, any political or worldly interest involvement falls under prsy for the lost and occupy till He comes. Sooner the better!



    The closer we get to His coming in the air for His Bride, the more sobered I am by how many people it seems claim to be believers that I fear will not be caught up. Obviously, only the Lord truly knows the condition of a man’s heart, but I cannot help but think of that old saying, “Not everybody talking about heaven is going.” Deception is rampant in the land. Abba, protect us from deceiving spirits and fan the flame in our hearts to love You and Your truth more than anything this world has to offer in the “good times”. Use us, Abba, that some might be saved for Your honor and Your glory. In Yeshua’s Name.

    John 14:1-3 “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also."

    Tender Reed
    Tender Reed

    Indeed self exaltation is in the air. Therein lies the rub! With all my heart I am grieved, as the Lord’s heart is I’m sure.

    I can’t judge the motivations of anyone, but the Lord will. Ergo, though many were called few shall be chosen.

    May the Lord continue to bless, uphold, encourage and provide for those that truly love and worship Him! The Lord has called us to be fishers of men, but indeed the net seems to be full and is being hauled out!

    Rather than to focus upon evil of this age and the lost among us, let us continue to feed and speak His truth, speaking it into our lives on a daily basis. And let us continue to glorify Him! Let us glory in His love and grace he has extended to each of us.

    May His trump be sounded soon that we may all hear it and glory in it!



    I attend two churches, and I don’t see any uptick in Christianity. just the same old struggling for the better parking spots.

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