Master Of Phodography! Snap-happy Pet Takes Close-up Photos Of Other Dogs

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    Master Of Phodography! Snap-happy Pet Takes Close-up Photos Of Other Dogs In The Park From A Gopro Hanging Around Her Neck

    If you ever wondered what an excitable German shepherd looks like up close, then the wait is finally over.

    Susie Kixmoeller, 17, came up with the genius move of attaching a GoPro camera around her four-year-old pooch Tula’s neck during a visit to the park – and the results were outstanding.

    As the energetic brown Labrador bounded around the woods, she inadvertently captured her interaction with all types of canine companions, ranging from an excitable Border Collie sheepdogs to a bounding Dalmation.

    The GoPro Hero4 Session camera, mounted to Tula’s harness, takes a shot every half second – meaning an hour-long visit to the park produces more than 7,000 photos of adorable pooches playing with toys, playfighting and chasing.

    Susie, from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, said: ‘I’ve always liked taking photographs of dogs interacting. The process was frustrating, though, because I was never in the right spot at the right time, so I would always miss the perfect moment.

    ‘It’s hard to get pictures of dogs in the park, because as soon as you get close they stop interacting. Once Tula has the camera on, she doesn’t notice it at all.’

    Tula, who was found abandoned on the side of the road in a bird cage, was adopted by the Kixmoellers who took her in from Second Chance Animal Rescue, and now works as a therapy dog with Susie’s father, Ken, at a local children’s hospital.

    Susie hopes that her amazing photography work with Tula will help raise awareness for sanctuary and rescue dogs, as well as therapy dog programs.

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    Thanks for that Loz – what a super idea! I especially loved the 3 cute dogs further down, ready to pounce.

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