Jesus does reach out to Muslims in vision ~~here's Khalida's vision so Biblical

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    “A Person was standing in front of me, but different from any person I’d ever known. ~~ I heard His Voice, it was the same Voice I ‘heard’ before. Though I didn’t know who it was then (while still in Palestine) He said over and over to me when my Muslim husband was beating me and threatening my life: ‘Leave the darkness for the Light.”

    Now He said in Arabic: ‘I am the Truth, the Life, and the way, and no one comes to the Father except by Me.’ . ~ His Voice was like rushing waters, powerful and soothing at the same time. The minute He said ‘I am the Truth I immediately knew it was Jesus. Every fiber of my being knew Who He was. I had never read the Bible before, but somehow I knew what Jesus was saying to me was in the Bible. I was so consumed by His Presence that I dropped to my knees and looked at Him. He is so glorious, so beautiful. All Light inside of Light.

    I said, ‘Lord, you are Lord!’ ~~ He said: ‘Yes, I am Jesus the One you denied, the One you said is not the Son of God. I came to save you, to make you a joyful person, know that I love you.”

    I said: ‘that’s it?”

    He said: ‘Yes, believe in Me.”

    It was like I went to school and studied everything in one day. All of a sudden Jesus made sense to me. He got so close that there was too much Light to even see the color of His eyes. It was not like looking at any other human being. Somehow with His Being and His Voice came Light. A huge Light. An overwhelming Light. He was talking to me, but at the same time I was seeing Heaven right before my eyes. . . He didn’t preach to me, He was just talking to me ~~ He was majestic, strong, beautiful, full of Grace.

    My comment: Isn’t it so, we were made to be with our Creator Jesus, where He is ~~ we desire to soar toward great heights . . oh, we were made for God’s love, Heaven ~~ desiring God’s to completely surround us ~~ in Christ’s Love’s HE is the atmosphere of Heaven! What we experience on earth truly can’t compare ~~ it IS temporal being ‘chained’ here on earth ~ ~ til we are called Home ~~ Jesus has waiting for us Himself seen in all His Glory ~~ and it’s forever!




    This would be just like Jesus to do.


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