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    Victory Chanter
    Victory Chanter

    There’s a new movie out, “Hidden Figures”, about three women of character who are working silently behind the scenes in the film against resistance and shameful opposition. They demonstrate grace, humility and patience to bring about change. This is a Christian movie you can attend without concern. As we face angry Trump resistance , there is a good lesson to learn in being the salt of the earth and being prepared as salt and light Christians. The topic of 5 uses of salt is discussed in this Charisma article. On the right hand side are other articles you may wish to examine as well.


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    The eyes of the Lord range throughout the entire earth, to strengthen those whose heart is true to him.

    Tender Reed
    Tender Reed

    Well said, Sis! But whether in ignorance or defiance, just as like with God, his enemies are numbered and are slated for destruction.

    The compassion of God as Christ upon the cross and attended by many miracles of lovingkindness is only but one part of the nature of Jesus. He is the lover of our souls, but is also Judge over all the Earth!

    Though unforgiven sins shall lead us to the path of Hell, and selfish motives lead us to rebellion, the scripture is clear that God has “enemies”!

    Truly, let us continue to pray that enemies can be changed into friends of God. But as the Lord patiently withholds His judgements, it also serves to point out that many shall shake their fists and curse God openly.

    David and all the prophets were well aware of but these two options. So as His judgments are withheld, it is so that we can see into which camp men will be found!

    If all the works of God cannot motivate, change, direct and rescue people, how then could our tears or sympathies?! Truly the Lord is mindful of the salt laden tears of the saints. But He will laugh in derision at the plans of men.


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