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    My best friend, Anne, just emailed me back. She doesn’t have a lot of time because she has a houseful of company for the rest of the week but she said to give everyone this site. She told me in a separate email that she’ll get back after everyone is gone on the weekend.
    Here’s her email:

    “This is my go to when I had Cisco. I don’t have time today to research the symptoms you are speaking of but maybe someone can find something here. If I’m talking to Eileen, my other “go-to” gave me this website long, long ago. Her rescued labs lived way past their expectancy, feeding them New Zealand colostrum each day (which is my immediate thought for the cat you are talking of) and that you would not find on this website, I don’t believe. The cat would need to be fed by dropper if it didn’t want to lap up on her own. I will be praying. Wish I had my Cisco back. I also think all the vaccines we give our pets, like our kids, are messing with them. Of course, imo.

    Shirley’s wellness-cafe

    Fair Use For Information and Educational Purposes

    Love you, sis!


    Thanks Shiloh. I give my cats colostrum it helps build their immune system. Plus it’s good for humans too.
    Going to take a look at her site now. :rose:

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    Victory Chanter
    Victory Chanter

    Please thank Anne so very, very much. it’s so kind of her to take time out of her busy schedule to aid a sick kitty and all our pets. Don’t get me started on vaccine damage. Find the “shut off” button. lol 😉

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    timbers mom 238
    timbers mom 238

    Cranberry capsules I have found to be very useful when you cannot get you animal to a vet especially if you live in a rural area like I do and only one comes twice a month. Just make a pin brick in a capsule for a cat a little bitty squeeze in the cat’s mouth twice a day. My dog is very allergic, I have found if I cut one 4200 mg capsule in half and give her half with a little cream cheese in the morning with a treat, has kept her doing well. One time I thought before starting that I thought she was going to scratch her eye ball out, I took her to the vet which gave her eye drops and she was having nose bleeds. I cook chicken and give her chicken to eat. I make sure none of her treats come from China. Jerky is not good either.

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    No Other Rock
    No Other Rock

    Shiloh ~ I appreciate so much your following through with this, and I’m looking forward to visiting the site Anne has given! I’ve never heard of this colostrum before so will be studying that for certain. Our cat has improved greatly and has gained her weight back and her sores have healed and furr grown back on her ears and forehead. We took her off all chicken products but she’s been rejecting the raw so far and alot of the specialty canned foods we’ve offered her – it looks like the Blue canned brands without chicken are the only ones she really likes. The store said that the Blue brand is still one who puts out a good trustworthy food for pets and has so far not been bought out. Other well knows brands have been bought out by the bigger companies that then produce even lesser quality pet food!

    Thanks again for all of us!


    Oh – and thanks for placing this topic in the Natural Health forum! I’m hoping more of us who are in to natural health will share helpful idea’s there, whether for pets or humans! :good:

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