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    Our Great High Priest has risen ~~ Glory to God~

    I envision this Sunday like never before The Holy Spirit moving His children in a unity of spirit of great heavenly intercession ~ ~ unto the Father we pray, oh, may Jesus be glorified like never before, LORD ~~ ~~empowered with spirited unity of thanksgiving and praise, may God be glorified ~~ ascend our prayers (as a heavenly cloud) to Heaven, Lord, unto our God pleasing the Father at the Heavenly Throne ~ ~ may our worship be acceptable unto our Abba ~! . . much like Mary bowing before her Lord, move Your children Father God with poured out Spirited fragrance unto You, . .oh, may it be so, LORD GOD, a great move of the Holy Spirit cries out with Heavenly joy of thanksgiving unto God ever glorifying the LORD ~ , , amidst the Bride’s intercession lift up our eyes and hearts to You Mighty God and Risen Savior ~~ Glorify the Father and the Son, oh God, mightily through Christ our Lord just before Your return oh God~

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