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    We were sitting in his study when the teacher got up from his desk, went over to one of his cabinets, opened the drawer, pulled out a container the size of a shoebox, placed it on his desk, and asked me to open it.

    “Go ahead,” said the teacher.  “Take them out.  Look at them.”

    So I did.  The box was filled with the paper currency of many nations.

    “Souvenirs,” he said, of my travels in the nations.  It probably surprises you, but I haven’t always been here.”

    He paused for a moment while I put the paper bill I was examining back in the box.

    “If you travel to different nations,” he said, “you have to convert the currency of the place you’re leaving into the currency of your destination.  Now what if you were going to a place from which you would never return?  And what if  in that place your native currency was of no value?  And what if it was impossible to transport anything from your native land to that place?  What would you do?”

    “Convert everything I had into the currency of my destination because anything not converted would be lost.”

    “And where would you do all the converting?”

    “I’d have to do it in my native land, before I left on the journey.”

    “Yes,” said the teacher.  “And this is why currency conversion is critical for the children of the kingdom.  You see, we’re all going on a journey.  We’re all leaving the land of our origins for another realm.  And the currency of the earth, of all we possess on earth, is of no value there.  And can’t bring any of it with us.  And so whatever earthly currency we hold on to , we lose.  But who are the wise?  They are the ones who in the days before the journey make the exchange.  They convert their earthly currency into heavenly currency.”

    “How?”  I asked.  “How do you make the exchange?”

    “You give your earthly currency, what you possess in this world, to the purposes of heaven, to the kingdom.  And you do so without getting any earthly return.  And since no one knows the exact time of their departure, you make the most of your time and convert as much as you can into the heavenly currency.  For it is only wisdom,” said the teacher, “to exchange that which you can never keep to obtain that which you can never lose.”

    The Mission:  Today, start your heavenly currency exchange.  Give of your time, your energy, your wealth, and you love to the purposes of heaven.

    Proverbs 10:2; 19:17; Matthew 6:19-21

    Cahn, Jonathan. “The Celestial Currency Exchange.” The Book of Mysteries. Lake Mary, FL: FrontLine, 2016. Day 81. Print.
    “Fair Use For Educational or Discussion Purposes”

    "Baruch haba ba'Shem Adonai !"
    "Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD !"

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