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    Mike Mc

    Before I retired, I was offered the chance to teach some Classes, ( National Incident Management System | ), to save our County about 7 Million in FEMA money and aid to those we housed and Feed, during the Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike disaster’s… Hurricane Katrina was one of the five deadliest we’ve every had as far as hurricanes go, other than The Great Galveston Hurricane, a Category 4 storm, with winds of up to 145 mph,( same as Ike), which made landfall on September 8, 1900, in Galveston, Texas, leaving about 6,000 to 12,000 dead, and about that many homeless in one night…
    As I think about that back then, I see Kim Jong Un about to do the unthinkable. The big question is will he as most dictators do… In our classes we taught folks how to be prepared for and event, whether is was related to a Storm, or any number of events such as and EMP strike… What this FEMA Program does is manage all threats and hazards. NIMS applies to all incidents, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity. The Forest Service uses this all the time. So does all the other Agency’s of Fire and Law Enforcement… Their will be no Judicial boundaries when and if it comes to someone attacking the US…

    Our Job was, in a small part back then, was to Help, our Community leaders and those who run our County Operations, be ready for any event… Each County, in the US, has it’s own Emergency Management Team in place, and some times it’s Hundreds of People, and sometimes it may be just one person.
    One of the things we taught was what would happen if we had a Bird Flu out break.. H5N1 is an emerging avian influenza virus that is causing global concern as a potential pandemic threat, every Migration season was potential pandemic threat.. What would you do in being Prepared…? What if the City Water Department People all got sick and Died…? Who is going to watch the Water systems from attack…? This would be a Major Problem is a City with a large Population of Millions… No water means no sanitation more people will get sick because of Disease. Your day to day life would change forever… The old and the Very Young suffer the most in these types of events. Just look at what happened in New Orleans for about 4 days and no one did anything… October 17, 1989 / 5:04 pm PST. SAN FERNANDO EARTHQUAKE, The shaking lasted 20 seconds… 63 people were killed, 3,757 were reported injured and 12,053 displaced, The Loma Prieta quake was felt as far away as San Diego and western Nevada…

    DAMAGE: Damage and business interruption estimates reached as high as $10 billion, with direct damage estimated at $6.8 billion. 18,306 houses were damaged and 963 were destroyed. 2,575 businesses were damaged and 147 were destroyed. The most notable damage included the collapse of the elevated Cypress Structure section of Interstate 880 in Oakland, the collapse of a section of roadbed on the Bay Bridge, and extensive damage to downtown Santa Cruz and San Francisco’s Marina District. The Bay Bridge was unusable for a month. Also, the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s was postponed

    Now we get to the part where we just don’t have any control as John Q Public Citizen, or do we,, and that would be and EMP, chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare.

    North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, who has been known to execute his political enemies, is threatening “all out war” against the United States.. Hawaii is n his list as a Potential Target.

    The problem is that a significant EMP attack properly carried out in the skies over the United States could take down the nation’s electric and electronic infrastructure, including the systems that provide fuel (Gas Transportation), food, banking and medical care. The Pulse would Fry the Electronics and Controls… Plains, Trains, cars, and Trucks, some Shipping …

    One of the real problems to our Mobil Nation, of and EMP attack like this, would Cripple our number one source *Water*, Health care system, and Food Distribution… Our Transportations systems would be destroyed.
    The other things that Normal Folks don’t think about is this…
    Top Ten Most Dangerous places to be during an
    Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)…. flight of an airplane or helicopter; Other than Military (Safe) and Shielded

    2.trapped in an elevator;

    3.belted in a ride in an amusement park;

    4.trapped in the subway system;

    5.on vacation away from home. school tens or hundreds of miles away from parents; your car in the desert tens of miles away from water;

    8.hanging on to life support in the hospital or a nursing home;

    9.locked in prison or jail (or living anywhere near a prison or

    10.anywhere near a nuclear plant!
    An EMP would disable solar panels because of the diodes they contain, which control the flow.
    In other words, your equipment will fry, so don’t think your off grid will survive it’s not…

    Another thing no one things about is what Kim Un said about Hawaii.

    There are a few reports of Lawmakers in Hawaii having asked state officials to update contingency plans. One of our most important areas for watching our Backs as a Nation has always been Hawaii and Alaska…

    This Military Group is a Major one…
    USPACOM also has three direct reporting units (DRUs), including Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, U.S. Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance; and a Standing Joint Task Force, Joint Interagency Task Force West. The USPACOM headquarters building, the Nimitz-MacArthur Pacific Command Center, is located on Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii.

    I can tell you when we taught these classes, many people felt way outside their comfort zone, we made them think about the what if’s, to Prepared them in case we had just such and event, to think how they could help others in need and come together as a Community… Most if not all Civil service folks like Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement will be stretched to and beyond their daily limits… And more than likely the Military would have to be called upon as they have in the past. It would not take long for a Nation our size to get out of control… You could see the fear and the anxiety as we presented these events to each class… There are things we just can’t control in all cases, for being Prepared sometimes we have to Depend on someone else to help us make out of a disaster. Most of our County ( not all), was out of Power for 9 days, the further you were from the City the worse it got… When The City of Houston Tx was given the order to Evacuate 4 Million People hit the Highways all at once, People Died on the Highway’s and it took Hours to get to them. I witnessed for almost 2 days, People young and old sleeping on the highway’s for 200 miles out of Gas, many of them with no water or food, in their cars and Trucks… Gasoline was in short supply not only for Houston, but everyone who gets their Fuel supply from our Texas Gulf Coast.. It took us many years to recover, and many lessons where learned as that one single event took place…

    How Prepared are we If Kim Jung Un strikes us…??? It doesn’t hurt to think about these things just in case. The Bible tells us these things are going to happen… It’s kind a like Farming getting ready for the next years crops. You Prepare in advance. You Till the ground and plant the Crops, you Fertilize the Crops, You water the Crops, you Pick the Crops, and you Store the Crops.

    Now add the Rapture into this mix of these small world Disaster Events, you can see how easy it will be for someone to step in and gain control of the whole world. Many don’t won’t to think about things like this because , well for one thing, it’s out of our control, we have to rely on someone else to help us. It’s like Placing your Trust and Placing one’s faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, it requires a big step outside our comfort zone. It’s all Based on Faith alone…

    synonyms: authenticity, fidelity, verisimilitude, truthfulness, faithfulness

    Realism is defined as “the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.” In other words, realism encourages people not to be either overly optimistic or pessimistic about circumstances, but instead try to see things exactly as they are. This video is Exactly how it will be at the start…

    The one thing that the Folks who THINK, they are going to prepare and survive the Tribulation don’t see, is 1. they are blinded to the True.. and 2. They are not seeing the Super Natural side of this time Period.. And 3. they all need Salvation…

    Our Faith comes easy when everything is going smoothly and we don’t have Trouble times. The test of our faith comes when all the circumstances of life turn sour, kind a like Job… The one thing I’ve learned is God never promises that believers will be immune to suffering…


    Fair use for educational and discussion purposes


    Mike Mc

    Knew it wouldn’t be long before someone posted a Video of Hawaii…

    Pentagon commits three US aircraft carriers to North Korea
    April 17, 2017 –



    Thanks, Mike-
    This is a subject I’ve always been attracted to; we are farmers in a very low-pop western county. Hubby is part of our county emergency team, and we rarely go 6 months without a power outage/ road closure, etc.
    We live between the Pacific (and by extrapolation, Korea) and Yellowstone.
    We have some small “prepper” measures in place; maybe more than most, just because of our life here.

    We are very aware that we have unsaved neighbors.
    (They just don’t want to know, but they will!)
    What we have prepared serves us for now, but our hope is to leave everything behind– along with Bibles, letters, etc — as help and light for them.

    I know some Christians don’t see any need for prep measures. This is just our take on the subject.

    Your Sis, Sweetbriar


    Mike Mc

    We are very aware that we have unsaved neighbors

    This was our goal when we started, whether they get these things during the Trib is all together another thing. It will be very bad even at the beginning when the 4 first seals are opened up… I would sure hope and Pray someone can find the Bibles and Prophecy things we’ve all left behind. I have to keep telling myself that God already has the next stage of His Plan ready, after the Church Body is Raptured out.. The Two Witnesses, The 144,000 and the Angels…

    Can you imagine the Anger once they knew how to be saved or Born again and they said, NAH not now, I got stuff to do in my life I’m still young, I have plenty of time for all that old Christian stuff… All my friends are doing other things and I want to join in with them… I can do that later…

    God knows just the right time to call a sinner to repentance and salvation…


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