A Window of Oppurtunity

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    So, we know that Israel is standing “alone” when Gog/Magog attacks. We also know that Israel will be prosperous and confident in her ability to protect herself when the attack happens.

    We know that the world does nothing only a few countries protest. Even now, the GOP has begun to protest the UN vote. Both the incoming administration and leaders from Congress have vowed to reverse the vote and sanction the four countries who pushed the vote through and have also threatened/ promised to cut funding to the UN.

    However, none of this can start to happen until after the Inauguration…which means that for the next month or so – America (for all intents and purposes) is standing against Israel and Israel is “alone”. And all the incoming administration can do is “protest”.

    We know the Gog/Magog happens suddenly. That Israel isn’t expecting it and the invading force is massive composed, of Russia, Iran and Turkey at the helm.

    The EZ38 coalition is in place; Obama has placed the US in a position opposite Israel but the next administration is protesting the actions taken…

    Everything seems almost perfectly in place. IMHO we are in a window of time in which the world stage is perfectly, prophetically set! ‘Tis the season!!!

    Even so! Come Lord Jesus! :yahoo:

    Here is an article from JPost reporting on the response to the vote:


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