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Create A New Forum Topic On RITA Now

Click RITA Now Forum on the top menu.  That will take you to this page:

Scroll down to Create New Topic in the reply box.

How to log into RITAN on an iPhone or iPad.  Here is what you do:

On the top of the page on the right hand side, by the RITAN name, you will see an icon (it looks like a magnifying glass for a search engine.)  Click on that and it pulls open a menu to the right.  Click the link for “View Full Site.”
Scroll down, nearly to the bottom of the page. There you will see where you can actually log in.

Hope that helps.

Bulletin Board Code

Here is a link describing the use of BB (Bulletin Board) Codes:

Examples of BBCode

Note:  Some of these code samples may only work for the mods.

(Remove spaces in brackets)

[ b]’Hello’[/b ]  Hello
This is [ i]Great![/i ]  This is Great!
[ u]Good Morning[/u ]  Good Morning


[ quote]The text Someone wrote would go here[/quote ]

The text Someone wrote would go here

Like Button:

[ likebtn style=”greenred” dislike_enabled=”false” ]

[likebtn style=”greenred” dislike_enabled=”false”]


[ list]
[/list ]


[ url][/url ]

[ img][/img ]

These won’t work on this page, but will work when posting (depending upon your posting privileges):

[ color=red]Hello![/color ]
[ color=yellow]Hello![/color ]
[ color=blue]Hello![/color ]
[ color=green]Hello![/color ]

[ color=#FF0000]Hello![/color ]

[ size=8]SMALL[/size ]
[ size=70]HUGE![/size ]


This is a link to a page describing HTML coding:

Topic Title

There is a limit of 80 characters for the title; Do not use ALL CAPS in the title, nor excessive exclamation points (one is sufficient), as these are distractions when read.  Violations may be edited, or warnings given.

Formatting Buttons

These provide Bulletin Board codes to your text.  Select the text you wish to alter by dragging the left button of your mouse over it, or by double-clicking the word.  Three clicks will select the entire paragraph.  The proper coding will be inserted into the reply and show up as formatted when posted.

Your choices include Bold and Italics in the toolbar.  You may insert a click-able URL by clicking the “link” button.  B-quote allows you to create a quote box.  Del is for inserting a date-time stamp into the text.  If you wish to include an image, click Img and fill in the image location.  Those can be found by right-clicking on the Internet image to be inserted and selecting “Copy Image Location” from the contextual menu with Firefox.  Other browsers have similar methods.  You may then post the location in the space requesting the URL and click Okay.

Before moving on the the remaining buttons, we must consider another important issue:


See our rules page for policies on the use of images.

Do not link to images found on other websites, as is frequently done.  This is called “Hot-linking” and it uses their bandwidth, which is not appreciated by the owner of that website.  Actually, it could make us legally liable.  Even if the owner does not formally complain to us, it still costs them money when people link to their website.  Do not use images which have the rights reserved, as this is considered stealing intellectual property.   Many images from the Internet are freely available, however.

The basic issue is in using someone else’s server to access images by a link, even if you do not intend to use the image for your own personal gain.  The best way to avoid hotlinking  is to download the image to your own computer (provided the image is not copyrighted), then use an image hosting service such as or as the link given on RITA Now.  We need to keep RITA Now in compliance with what is legal.

Other sites with images:

Media such as Youtubes are acceptable, as they are already publicly available for linking.  Those do not require a “Fair Use” disclaimer.


After the image is on your computer, go to  Click on the “Browse” button there to select the image you intend to use.  Click “Upload Now.”  Follow the instructions to enter the code you are given.  Either of the top two methods, HTML for Websites, or IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards will work.

Now, back to the buttons:


UL refers to “Unordered List.”  OL refers to “Ordered List.”  LI just means “List.” These are explained in the link provided below:

Code Button

Maintains white spacing.

Close Tags

This is self-explanatory; it closes tags for you when they’re left open.


Emoticons are inserted by dragging them from the collection provided and dropping them into the reply box.

Topic Tags

Tags help with Internet searches when people want to find information related to their search terms.  Providing tags can help guide them to our site and your post.  We ask that you give three tags, if possible; more may be provided by others who view the topic.


This is where you select the proper place for posting your topic.  We have a number of forums that are specific to certain areas of interest.  Putting it where it belongs helps us keep things organized.  You will get an error message if you do not select a forum for posting.

Notify me of follow-up replies via email

The default setting is “off.”  If you wish to have replies sent to the email you gave to RITA Now, you may check the box.

Submit Button

When everything is ready, you may click the Submit button to post your reply.

Topic Tag Cloud

These tags are from the ones that have been entered for existing posts.  The most frequently used tags appear larger.  Clicking on one of them will take you to a list of threads which used that tag.

Spell Check:

When you spell a word incorrectly, the word will show up in the posting box with a red wavy line underneath it.  Right-click with your mouse on the word that is redlined and you will see a list of alternatives offered by the computer.  If you see a word you wish to substitute for what you have, then click on it and your spelling will be altered.  Note:  Spell check is not able to correct syntax errors.  That is, if you write “hear” and meant “here,” that will not be redlined as an incorrect spelling.  The program will also redline words that are not recognized in its dictionary.  Spell check is handy, but you can decide when to take its advice.

How to contact a moderator:

Hold For Moderator Function:

Sometimes a post will need to be examined by a moderator before it is cleared to be shared, or declined for viewing.  There are various reasons why a post may need to be checked.  For example, it may contain material we choose not to endorse through our site.

Dreams and Visions will be held for moderation, as well as posts that include more than one URL link.

Please be patient if your post falls into this description.  It may be an hour or so before it is dealt with.

Navigation Bar:

At the top of the main page, and also below the list of topics, you will see a navigation link for additional pages.

As new posts are added, older posts get pushed down and eventually are found on back pages.  Use this tool to locate them.

How to Edit Your Profile Page:

Click on your Avatar.  This opens up your Avatar page.  Click Edit at the bottom.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a button to select the image you want to use for your avatar.

Click Edit Image for a new image location.  Then click Update Profile when completed.

There is also other information you might want to include about yourself on the page.

Only the Bio will show up for other members to see.  Everything else on the profile is secret and only visible to the mods/Admins.

Search Buttons

On the right side of the page, under the Header picture, you will notice there are two places you may enter search terms.

What is the difference?  The upper box returns items from our static pages. The lower one is for searching posts. Either can be activated by pressing the Enter key.  The lower search feature has a button to activate it as well.

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